5 Simple Ways to Use a Beard Trimmer

One of the invaluable weapons in the grooming of a man must mention to a beard trimmer. With a trimmer, it allows you to clean up your winter beard. In additional to that, you can also get a closer trim to look nice in case you don’t want to clean shaven. In fact, it is not difficult to use a beard trimmer. Here are 5 simple steps for you. Let’s see!

Tips on Keeping Your Beard Trimmer in the Best Possible Condition

Way #1 – Oil your trimmer

If your beard trimmer is properly worked by oil, it ensures that you must oil your trimmer by dropping several drops over the surface of the blade; and then, running it.

oil your trimmer
  • It uses the oil along with the WD40 or clippers. Thus, you utilize a dry cloth to wipe the excessive oil after the oil is added over the blades.
  • When your clippers are oiled, you need to have to remove any leftover hair in the blades.
  • Your clippers are turned on after dropping the oil. Don’t forget to allow the blades to move.
  • Running the blades for twenty seconds.
  •  It makes sure the entire-dried blades in order that your hair is not stuck.

Way #2 – Start shaving

In general, starting is long, but finishing is short. Your beard is sizeable and you’d like to trim it with a respectable length. However, the length is still presented. Like that, you can begin with the #3 guard comb after going over the whole beard.

start shaving
  • Do you want to put blades up against the grain? Well, when the hair on your face is going to grow down and out. Let’s remember!
  • To get the most efficient result, you ought to put the flat part of your beard trimmer against the face.
  • It remembers to shave both the face and neck yours.
  • In case you don’t recognize the change of the length, you can turn into a lower ~ #2 guard.

Way #3 – Switching to a lower guard

You have got the desired length at both your neck and face, haven’t you? And, you begin trimming the neck. You need a lower guard ~ #1so as to buzz your hair from Adam’s apple of you to the jawline.

Switching to a lower guard
  • You still use an upward motion when shaving.
  • Instead of utilizing a #1 guard, you can also go shorter by removing the guard and shaving with the blades on the trimmer.
  • Under your jaw, you should not use your 1 guard to shave, instead, you ought to shave with a 2 guard.

Way #4 –Cleaning up all strays

To shave an even way everywhere, you let look in the mirror and shave any leftover hair. If you need to shave any position under your Adam’s apple, you should utilize the blades on the trimmer or a 0 guard.

Cleaning up all Strays

  • In case you’d like to trim the area of your neck, you can use a 0 guard in order to shave the position under Adam’s apple yours in a clear manner.

Way #5 –Shorter styles – removing the guard

A 5 o’clock shadow is your desire, so you do not need a guard. For this shadow, it is simpler because you just need to shave the whole your face and neck by using the blades on the trimmer.

removing the guard
  • After going over with the beard trimmer, you are able to clean up the leftover areas with your straight razor.
  • If you want to keep your mustache your mouth clean, you can utilize your trimmer without needing to use a guard.

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