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shave and care your face
Nov 10

How to shave and care face rightly for men

By Robert | Use hair Clipper

​ The seemingly simple story, but not everyone knows shaving the wrong way can cause significant impacts on health, especially the impact on your skin. So please refer to the following article to shave clean, comfortable and more efficient. “King of the barber” said: you should shave in the same direction of the beard grow. […]

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Clean and sterilize hair clippers
Jun 10

How to Maintain Hair Clippers

By Robert | Use hair Clipper

Hair clippers are one of the most important equipment for men and sometimes women. It is used in cutting and trimming of hairs to avoid looking unkempt. As important as this device, most men do not take proper care of these hair clippers. Professional hair stylists and barbers are required to clean and sterilize their […]

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