Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Hair Clipper

Irrespective of our perceived differences all over the world, one of the things we all share is the need for personal hygiene. For this reason, it is pretty obvious why hair clippers are an important item. Whether you are a professional barber or just a basic user, getting one of the best hair clippers is of utmost importance. Undoubtedly, there are different hairstyles all over the world for both men and women but there is absolutely nothing sexy about having an unkempt hair. If you are among the lucky few that have fast growing hairs, we can all agree it can be frustrating visiting the barbers’ often. So for this reason, it is advisable you get yours and take care of your hair needs yourself. This is no rocket science and you should be able to trust yourself to do a perfect job, especially when you have the right hair clipper at your disposal.

Since it is not all about the expertise and experience, it is also important you buy the best hair clipper. In buying a good hair clipper, there are certain factors that one would need to consider. With a good knowledge of these factors, one is well equipped to get the best hair clipper. To get started, we would review some of the top 5 hair clippers in the market today. To give a good understanding of each product, we would look at both the pros as well as the cons. In the end, we will make a qualitative comparison of these products and give you an idea which stands out and why.

Top 5 Best Hair Clippers on the Market

1. Andis Master Hair Clipper

Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

When it comes to a brand with years of experience in the field of hair clippers, Andis clippers is definitely one of them. They have been in the business for almost 80 years and have its products available in about 90 countries all over the world. The product comes with adjustable blades that make them suitable for any type of hair trimming. Its high speed motor ensures it has a good trimming experience with a quiet operation usage. The product is strong and highly durable, especially because of the material it is built with. The product allows for easy maneuvering and manipulation because of its lightweight. The product also comes with a magnetic motor.

It is ideal for cutting of beards s it doesn’t clog or pull on the hair. It is made from aluminum material which makes it incredibly light weighted. The product is ideal for use in cutting of fades, beards, flat tops, and afros. To get the best use of the product, it is advisable to keep them oiled while in usage. It comes with a high speed, magnetic motor which gives it a powerful performance. During operation, after adjustment, the product is extremely quiet and gives the user a sense of ease.

If you are still an amateur in barbing – meaning you are slow and spend longer time – the product tends to get hot over time. When in use, it makes an incredibly loud buzzing sound. You would need to adjust its flat head screw located on its side to eliminate this noise.

2. ​Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

This is yet another product from Andis. The product is a good choice for fading and outlining. It also stands out in a good way, when it comes to dry shaving. This product gives users total control of the barbing experience by having adjustable blades which can be tailored to individual hair cut preferences. The product comes with amazing features such as super fine tooth, carbon, high quality steel blades. This gives the T-blade an incredible cutting performance. For easy maneuvering of the product, this Andis product comes with an 8-foot cord. The product also comes with a powerful, magnetic motor which not only guarantees effective cutting experience but operates smoothly and quietly.

When used and maintained properly, this product can have a service life of over 10 years. When maintenance is concerned, it is of utmost importance to always oil the product regularly. If you have sensitive skin and afraid of having reactions, this product is just right for you; it gives a highly satisfactory result. The product has a close cutting blade which makes the entire trimming experience remarkable. It allows for easy trimming of the beards and edges. With its adjustable blades, it gives room for more personalized haircuts. Its high speed, magnetic motor is protected by a contour house. When in use, it does not make a loud noise. This creates a very quiet and smooth shaving experience.

While the trimmer guarantees fine cutting and fading, it is only good for short hairs. This is not a good choice if you have long hairs. While this should not be a con but it can still be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken seriously. The blades, as well as other fittings are very sharp. Ensure they are not kept or used carelessly.

3. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

This is a heavy duty hair clipper and can be used for both wet and dry hair. This definitely gives it the ‘universal’ description included in its name. This product comes with a very powerful, single speed motor. To ensure durability, the product is housed by a break-resistant, highly durable body. Its ergonomic design makes it a delight for everyday hair cutting experience. The product comes with a cleaning brush, clipper grease, lubricating oil, as well as a blade guard. To allow for easy use and maneuvering, this product is designed with a 9-foot cord. To make it fit for use for any type of hair, the product comes with detachable blades. These blades come in the sizes 000 and 1.

Being an heavy duty clipper, this product has a long service life. With proper maintenance, the clipper’s performance does not diminish over time. Since it can be used for both wet and dry hair, it is ideal for cutting and trimming through the thickest and toughest of hair with ease. It comes with detachable blades which ensure perfect blades can be bought and attached for more personalized haircuts. If there is any fault in the clipper, most of its parts are easily serviceable and replaceable. This in no doubt prolongs its service life, as earlier stated. Unlike some of the other hair clippers available in the market today, this product does not get hot after heavy use.

While being an heavy duty chair clipper has its advantages, this comes with great comfort. Just to add, it is relatively big and if you do not have wide palms, your wrist would have to bear all the pains in the end. It is far from lightweight and can be heavy to use for long time. It is quiet noisy. Ok maybe I’m being too nice about it but this clipper is just plain noisy compared to what is readily available in the markets today. While having detachable parts may seem like a blessing, it is important to add that these parts don’t come cheap. Even if one is able to comfortably afford all of these blades parts, changing blades requires some level of experience.

4. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

This is another product from OSTER and this comes with a powerful cutting performance. The product has some uniqueness from the other products from this manufacturer but one that stands out is its ultra whisper quiet mode of operation. The product is ideal for use for both wet and dry hair types. To ensure effective and easy grip during usage, the product is designed with an ergonomic, textured housing. It also comes with an 8 foot long cord that ensures easy use and maneuverability. The product also comes with 4 different types of guide combs. These include the ½”, 3/8”, ¼”, and the blending combs. Other features include a cleaning brush, blade guard, and lubricating oil.

Unlike the previous OSTER product, this clipper is light weighted. This makes it easy to use without any discomfort whatsoever. It can be used effectively for all hair types since it is designed for use on both wet and dry hairs. Its pivot motor runs with a whisper quiet operation which makes them more attractive to use at home. Its adjustable blades feature ensures it provides a more personalized hair cutting experience. This means there absolutely no need to spend money buying other blades. By being adjustable, one is able to get the desired trimming or cutting level needed.

If you are quite familiar with the OSTER brand, you would immediately understand that this product is designed with a lower build quality. Just like some of the hair clippers available in the market today, this product gets hot with heavy and long use. This makes it uncomfortable to use when it is hot. Still in comparison with other OSTER clippers, the motor on this product is fairly weak.

5. Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

This product is ideal for amateurs or beginners because it comes with an easy to follow instructions. To make it more understandable, the manufacturer included a full colour instruction to guide the user step by step. Unlike most other clippers out there, this product is a cordless clipper. Maneuverability and ease of use cannot be over emphasized here. The product also comes with lots of features which includes; cleaning brush, barber comb, scissors, clipper guide combs of about 10 sizes, styling combs, right and left ear taper, blade guard, blade oil, ear and brow trim guide, 2 hair clips, cape, and a charger. The included guide combs allow for cuts from as low as 1.5mm to 25mm. for instant power, the product comes with a 10 minute quick charge. The product comes with a trimmer that runs on a 1 AA battery. When fully charged, the product has a 2-hour run time. It has a 3-5 hour charge and can hold its charge for up to a year. It comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

The product comes with features and attachments that ensure to make the entire barbing experience worthwhile. With its cordless design, the product allows for use anywhere and at any time. In addition to its lightweight, the product can be used conveniently in the bathroom. It comes with a LED light which displays information about the charge status. The product comes with a sleek, classic design. Together with its cordless design, it can be an easy go-to accessory. It is suitable for use for both short and long hairs. This is made possible with the guide combs that come with the products. Technologically, the product is more advanced that any conventional hair clipper available in the market today.

The product is not so easy to clean as one would expect. It doesn’t come with any guides for trimming. This means one would already have a good knowledge of this before using the product. The trimmer is powered by a separate 1 AA battery. In addition to this, the trimmer is not rechargeable.


These five hair clippers reviewed are not the only available clippers but are rated as the top clippers. To give a good comparison, we would use several factors because one product cannot have it all.


A good motor is one that is able to withstand any type of hair. An ideal choice would be a motor that is quite universal. In other words, it is one that can operate with both AC and DC. Using these parameters, the OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper tends to stand out among the lot. It has a heavy duty, powerful motor that can work effectively on both wet and dry hair types.

Attachment Guides

So the next thing to look out for would have to be the attachment guides. With the guides, different levels of cut and trimming can be done. If one is a professional barber, this plays a vital role because you would different customers with different hairstyles on a daily basis. Among the five reviewed products, the Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper comes with a whole lot more attachment guides than the others; from 1.5mm to 25mm.

Ease of maintenance

The service life of any hair clipper is majorly determined by the level of maintenance given to it. To ensure this is done properly, most manufacturers include maintenance equipment like manuals, lubricant oils, and cleaning brush. We would go with the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper on this one.


When the subject of design comes to play, the first thing to consider is how ergonomic it is. The beauty of the clipper should not really be paramount. The next thing to consider is the material used in the design and how well it would serve over time. A clipper that would not give much stress when in use should be one to look out for. The Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper should take this one. If not for anything, its lightweight and cordless design makes it ergonomic.

Compatibility with Hair Types

Unless it is for personal use, compatibility is another thing to consider. To be considered one of the best hair clippers, it has to be able to cut all hair types without being selective. When it comes to compatibility, the OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper has to win this one again.


Hair clippers are a necessity for every human; be it personal or for professional use. With this said, it is of utmost importance that we choose the best hair clipper if we want to get the best of a barbing experience. We have different hair types which range from wet to dry, thick to sparse, and long to short. Unless one is buying the clipper for personal use, it is advisable to get a clipper that can work effectively for all hair types. Usually this can be aided by the use of attachment guides but there is a limit to what they can do, if the clipper was not originally designed for that dual purpose. Taking into consideration the aforementioned features used for comparison, one would settle for the Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper as the best hair clipper to go for. It is ergonomic, efficient, got improved technology, compatible, and comes with an unparalleled attachment guides.

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