In What Way Can I Cut Kids’ Hair? – Here Are…

In general, the hair of children quickly grows. Correspondingly, you often have to go to the barber shop. Apart from money, you can take more time to wait. It seems that this is not a smart option.

So, why don’t you try cutting your kid’s hair at home? In what way? Simply, use a hair clipper. You can save both time and money. Basically, it only requires that you must know how to use properly. Look at here!!!

Watch the video below to see clearly:

Step-By-Step to Cut Kid’s Hair – Go for It!

Boys Hair clippers

The Preparation

Before cutting the hair, you need to have a couple of preparations.

1. Wash the hair of your children

What shampoo do you often use for your kid? Let’s utilize it to wash his hair over the bathtub/sink. Scrub his scalp in a careful way. Remember to wash the whole his hair. Then, dry the hair with a cloth or towel. Don’t dry completely. On the other hand, you can skip this step if he has washed his hair before.

2. Let a kid sit on a high chair

It would be best to prepare a chair that is high enough for you not to have to bend when cutting. Keep his head straight. Like that, it makes sure that you likely cut his hair in an even manner. If possible, you should play a firm in front of him to create the concentration.

3. Around his shoulders, you wrap a towel

You ought to know that the hair may make him feel itchy. He can squirm if the hair sticks to his clothes. Yes, this one also causes a little difficult when you want to remove the entire hair out of the clothes. Using a towel will make all become simpler.

Cut Kids’ Hair with Hair Clippers

Little boy's clipper haircut

1. Use a bought hair clipper and attach the guard as desired

Necessarily, you need to have to talk to your children before cutting his hair. The length of the hair must be based on his desire, short, long a bit, or close. This one is very vital because it helps you avoid the case that he is not satisfied after cutting.

Let’s find the correlative types of the hair in order that your kid can choose one. Keep in mind, if you choose to use the guard with the small number, it means that his hair will be short. For kids with the longer hair, it recommends to using scissors before you utilize the hair clipper.

2. Run the hair clipper along his head

Start from the rear. The bottom line, you ought to run a clipper slowly and smoothly. Run it towards his crown. And then, cutting two sides to finish. By that way, the hair of children is going to have a uniform length. Having said that, you can also fade if your kid wants a longer haircut a bit.

3. To fade, using a guard with a longer length

This is also considered as a haircut. It means that the hair on the top is long in comparison with two sides and back. Taking a specific example for you, you choose to utilize a #3 guard to trim the hair on the top, right? Well, for two sides, you should use a #2 guard.

For the back of his neck, you will move the clipper from the bottom to the top of the crown. Running the clipper towards will help create a variety of the length together.

3. Trim the neckline

For the neckline, to avoid cutting your kid’s skin, remove the guard out of the clipper. Based on his desired length, start trimming so that it creates a straight line. Continuously, to clean up the neckline, need to turn your hair clipper over.

3. Trim around his ears to complete

Not to injure the ear of children, should fold their ear down to begin cutting. Let’s cut low. Avoid cutting too high. Hence, clean the leftover hair around his ear. What about sideburns? Across them, run the clipper straight to reach the desired length. To make the even sideburns, observe the children from the front.


How? Obviously, cutting kid’s hair at home is not difficult, isn’t it? Parents only need to spend a little time to perform, but, it likely saves more time and money. Importantly, you must invest the best hair clipper for kids. Do you have one?

After equipping a quality hair clipper, you continue consulting our article to how to cut the hair for kids properly. It hopes that this post is helpful for parents, who have the little kids.

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