To Fade Your Own Hair – In What Way… How to…

A refined hairstyle – any men, also desire that. And fading is one of their standard options. You can consider fading with a variety of the lengths, in particular, long, mid, or short. You will not have to cut your hair frequently if you choose a short fade. To reach the desired fade, you need to have the essential tools, the best hair clippers for men and know how to fade properly. Look at here! All are mentioned in our article.

Fading Your Own Hair – By What Means You Can…

In general, it is not easy to cut our hair at home because it's hard to observe the whole our head in a right way, except you can use the clipper a professional manner. It does not mean that you cannot cut your own home. Starting with fading is considered as a great option. In fact, you will have one more the style of fading from the standard cut to the fashionable one.

1. The Types of Fading

Do you like the classic style or the modern look? Let us inspire you.

Long-hair fade

If your hair is less, the long-hair fade is an ideal option. To reach the best result, each of dragging via your hair, slowly move the clipper to make sure that there are no lines between sizes.

Short-hair fade

In comparison with the above method, the short-hair fade is complicated a bit. You will need a lot of hair tools. To get this haircut, you must utilize either a comb or brush to fade, along with a little wax to style the top of your hair. There are plenty of layers to perform.

2. How to Get a Fade

Combo Tool

What you need to prepare:

  • Comb
  • Clippers
  • Handheld mirror
  • Scissors
  • Hair trimmer
  • Thinning scissors

Blend hair with clipper:

  • Cut two sides in turn. Then, continue trimming at the back.
  • Trim a shorter way at the lower position of sides, especially, the sideburns and ears, by using the guard with a little number.
  • The most difficult are the back. It should prepare an additional mirror if you are cutting yourself. Choose a hand that is weaker than another to put the rear of your head. The purpose is to avoid cutting unevenly or too high.
  • Are you satisfied with that length? Well, blend the size between the below-top size and above-side size.

Bald fade your hair

Blad fade Hair

Once you know the way to bald fade the hair, the fades become easier than ever before. Begin fading from the top, two sides, and then the rear. Essentially, there are no more things to do in this style, but it is vital that you must take care of the hair to have the best look.

Generally, the temple is the start point of the fade. We can consider it as a temp-fade type. Apart from using the shampoo to wash your hair, you still have to apply the conditioner. To be able to choose the right conditioner, you can be based on the thickness and texture that your hair has. It takes a specific example that you have a frizzy hair, so you need to use the conditioner without frizz. The last one, apply a comb on the top of your hair a direct manner. Remember that moves the comb forwards.

Fade Your Own Hair

  • Initially, you need to have the good-quality tools. Like that, you will easily get the best cuts without having to go to the barber shops.
  • Remember that there are a variety of styles when saying to haircut fade. You can look for the suitable one, by researching and giving your selection if there is your desired style.
  • Don’t cut in the direction of hair growth. By cutting in opposite direction, you can reach the maximum traction.
  • The importance is the overall look. Then, refine the detail.
  • The back and two sides are the first. The top is the final.
  • Use both shampoo and conditioner to care for the hair regularly.
  • Create the desired style with wax, gel, or clay.

3. The Difference between Taper and Fade

Both seem pretty similar, but there has the certain difference, in particular, the gradient harshness. To reach a taper, the length of two sides and the back will reduce while the fade has gradually been longer towards.

Nevertheless, the fade brings more dramatic look. As mentioned above, we will shave both two sides and back to baldness. Consequently, it has a more rapid transition. With the taper, you will only leave from 2 to 4 inches on the top, by using the clippers or scissors. It brings a groomed appearance and the flexibility of the length and style. Aside from that, around the perimeter, the hair is quite short. There is the clear difference if compared to the fade.

Final Words

Indeed, whatever your desire is a long or short hair fade, you should also know how to reach a perfect fade style. How? Isn’t it difficult? You can entirely do that at home with your best hair clipper and the related tools. The fade is one of the common hairstyles today that most men have owned. After reading our article, it believes that you will know how to get a fade.

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