Finding the Best Hair Clipper Oils – It Is Easy

Best Hair Clipper Oils

You must know that your hair clipper will not last long if it is short of quality clipper oil. You only need to apply a little oil after each use to make sure they run on the blades smoothly.

Frequently, most hair clippers come with a clipper oil when buying. Moreover, you need an alternative if you have used it up. This article shows you which to use. Let’s see our best hair clipper oils to choose a suitable one for your clipper.

Which Hair Clipper Oils Are You Looking for? – We’ll Help You Out!

Hair clipper oils

The Reasons Why You Should Use Hair Clipper Oil

  • The lifespan of the oiled blades will certainly be longer.
  • The working of the blade will be improved.
  • It helps you save effort and time when maintaining.
  • Apart from applying for the blades, you can use it for sharpening, presoaking, or honing.
  • It prevents blade corrosion.

How to Oil Your Hair Clipper

You should know that a hair clipper only runs well when you maintain it regularly. To maintain, it cannot be short of the hair clipper oil. On the contrary, if you do not maintain and oil your clipper regularly, the blades will gradually become blunt. Worse, you can cut the skin. You can follow these steps to oil your hair clipper.

Step #1 – First, use the blade cleaner to clean your hair clipper. That is to make sure that the surface and interior are clean. Spray the cleaner onto the cover of the blade, and then use a clipper brush to rub the exposed surfaces. To remove the excess, wipe with a towel.

Step #2 – Before oiling, don’t forget to turn on your clipper. You should know that the oil will not penetrate the blade unless it is moving. Apart from the top and sides of the blade, also apply the hair clipper oil to the middle the blade.

Step #3 – Run your clipper within twenty seconds so that the oil can penetrate, and then turn off it. If you recognize any excess oil outside the blade, wipe it off, so it doesn’t stick to your hair.

Product Reviews – The Best Hair Clipper Oils

Top 6 Best Hair Clipper Oils and Lubricants

Aside from the best hair clippers, the manufacturers also ship the clipper oil coming with the clippers. If possible, you should select the hair clipper oil from the same manufacturers for optimal performance. In this article, we introduce the hair clipper oils from the most reliable brands such as Wahl, Oster, and Andis. Continue reading to know specifically!

1. Oster Blade Lube Premium Lubricating Oil

If you are looking for a hair clipper oil to use for professional purposes, you should try out the Oster Blade Lube Premium Lubricating Oil because it is designed for this usage specifically.

The product can be ideal for the clipper with the same brand, but you can also apply it to trimmers and other clippers. It is okay!

The professionals highly appreciate this clipper oil. It is produced with a high purity mineral oil. The USDA has approved that this is an effective lubricant.

Consequently, if you apply it to your clipper frequently, it will add up and form a light film for the blades.

As mentioned, the product has the high purity, so it does not contain detergents. You can be assured of the shelf-life of the blades. It will protect the blades from the corrosion. However, frankly speaking, the product is suitable for those who find something along with the quality.


  • The price is affordable or even cheap
  • It can be applied to razors
  • Keeps the clippers running smooth and quiet
  • Big in size
  • Lubricates


  • It hums up the blades

2. Wahl 4 oz Hair Clipper Blade Oil

You have used up the lubricant oil for your hair clipper, in particular, your Wahl clipper, haven’t you? Well, the Wahl 4 oz Hair Clipper Blade Oil can be a good option for you.

Frequently, the clipper oil is used for the specific clippers; the Wahl Clipper Oil is similar. It has been released to service for trimmers as well as the electric clippers from Wahl.

You can apply for your maintenance needs. Not it does it protect the blades from the rust and corrosion, it also extends the lifespan of the blade.

This product does not require the complex maintenance processes. Simply, you just need to drop several drops of Wahl clipper oil on the surface of the blade within 15-20 seconds after running it.

When using the hair clippers, people often trouble the heat. The cause is due to the friction. Moreover, you can entirely overcome it, by applying Wahl oil. By that way, you are also contributing to minimizing the bluntness of the blades.

Application of this oil is not complicated. Also, the price is not a problem. This is the right choice for those who have a clipper, especially, belonging to the Wahl brand.


  • The price is reasonable
  • It helps solve the heat problem of the blade
  • It is slick and slimy
  • It improves the ability to run old clippers
  • Easy to lubricate
  • It can apply to others


  • The product does not come with a cap
  • It leaks easily

3. Andis Clipper Oil 4oz

When buying the clipper oils, you worry about spilling because some products do not conclude a cap, right? Let’s feel secure! The Andis Clipper Oil 4oz is sealable, and so it can prevent leakage.

Similar to other clipper oils, the Andis clipper oil also helps protect the blades from corrosion and rust as long as you use it the right way.

Don’t think that you may only apply it to the blades of the Andis clippers! No! No! That is not true. In fact, you most likely will want to use it for all clipper blades.

The product works for various purposes such as cleaning, lubricating, and minimizing wear of the blades and extends their shelf-life.

The 4oz bottle is ideal enough for you to use for long periods. It is noticed that this clipper oil does not have any color or odor. Furthermore, if applied to shears, it is okay. Bear in mind that it would be best to keep it out of reach of little kids and heat or ignition sources.


  • It facilitates extended usage
  • It enables the clippers to work smoother
  • Nice size
  • Not messy
  • No smell
  • Not sticky
  • Easy to apply


  • The nozzle is difficult to open
  • It is hard to find at the local stores

4. Oster Blade Lube Premium Lubricating Clipper Oil Pack of 2

You just need to invest in one, and you will get two. The Oster Blade Lube Pack of 2 promises not to disappoint as it has all the essential features of good clipper oils.

Each bottle is approximately 4oz, and you get two bottles when buying. Correspondingly, it is sure that you could use it for extended periods.

The product makes sure of optimal lubrication for the blades and bearings after applying.

Most the series of the Oster Blade Lube has certain purity and are made from the refined white mineral oil. Therefore, we are not surprised that the USDA approved it.

If you use it regularly, it means that both the upper and lower blades are being maintained well. It feels good. Right?


  • The big size
  • Lubes the blades well
  • It makes the blade clean and smooth
  • Easy to utilize
  • The price is affordable
  • It can use it for other trimmers


  • Not fill to the top

5. Wahl 3310 4oz Clipper Oil

If you are using the Wahl trimmer or clipper, you should not ignore the Wahl Clipper Oil 3310 to maintain your tool. This clipper oil serves the products with the same brand.

A 4oz bottle coming with a special formula allows you to use it on all the blades of electric trimmers and clippers.

The product is equipped with a twist nozzle, so you can easily dispense. Aside from that, the instructions are clear and detailed. According to the recommendation of the manufacturer, you should apply a few drops of Wahl clipper oil over the cutting edges of the blades.

If applied the Wahl clipper oil to your trimmer or clipper regularly, it will help the blades run smoothly, prevent rust, reduce friction, lubricate, and extend the lifespan of the blade. The product comes from a reliable brand, Wahl, so you should be satisfied because their features are of superior quality.


  • The size is ideal
  • The price is low
  • It can use for years
  • It helps the clippers work quietly and smoothly
  • Uses for a dual purpose – one is for the clippers and another is camera lenses
  • Easy to apply


  • A bit of leakage
  • The nozzle seems tiny

6. Wahl 3310 118ml Clipper Oil

This is another clipper oil for your Wahl trimmers and clippers. If you use it for your device frequently, you can save your budget to replace a new one when the blades get blunt.

The Wahl 3310 118ml Clipper Oil has a similar texture to the 4oz clipper oil from Wahl. So, its use is also similar. It also has a twist nozzle that you can easily dispense and apply to the blades.

After each of use, you apply some drops on the surface of the blades. Like that, you can maintain the brightness and extend the shelf-life of the blades, as well as of your clipper.

The 118ml bottle is pretty huge. Rest assured you will use it for a long time. This is really beneficial! Obviously, you get to save a little cost. Because it is affordable.


  • Low cost
  • The usage time is longer
  • The effectiveness in preventing the blades from over-heating
  • Works well
  • Makes the blades run smoothly
  • The cap is easy to handle


  • The bottle is not very good
  • The leakage


What brand of the clipper are you using? Your maintenance is interrupted because your clipper oil has run out, right? So, you should quickly select the best clipper oil for cleaning maintaining your clipper.

Though when buying a new clipper, you will surely get free clipper oil, it will gradually run out after using for years. That is why we share this article with you.

You need a clipper oil to extend the shelf-life of your device. We Recommend that you should choose the type with the same brand as your clipper. If you are using a Wahl hair clipper or trimmer, you should select a Wahl clipper oil to achieve the best result.