Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives: All More You Need to Know


When you buy a hair clipper, it often comes with a small vial of lubricating oil for your hair clipper. Nonetheless, anything also has the duration. In case the leakage does not appear, it is probably that you have used all them.

Fortunately, you need to add the oil to the blade when the motor of your hair clipper starts having the rattles, but the hair clipper oil has run out. It means that you need to have another option to replace. Here! Here! The hair clipper oil alternatives for you – don’t ignore!

Solution for the Replacement of Hair Clipper Alternatives – Watch Out For

What Should I Utilize?

  • What kind of hair clipper oil alternative?

clipper oil alternative

A lightweight oil is necessary because of its ability to withstand at the extremely high temperature. It is noticed that this type contributes to making the blades move the speed.

For the time being, you will not have the worry about running out hair clipper oil if you have olive oil or vegetable oil at home. Yes, they are a perfect alternative.

But, if you find something like the pure olive oil, you should know that is not a good option for you. As mentioned, it must withstand the high temperature while that similar type does not meet this requirement.

  • How to apply?

clipper oil

After determining the suitable kind of lubricating oil, you can begin applying for your hair clipper. Let’s have peace of mind! They are not different from real oil used for the clippers.

According to the guidelines you see in every hair clipper product, you will have to add a few drops of oil to the blade while they are operating.

Nonetheless, this is not a wise way to apply for lubricating oil substitutes because they are bottled no dropper.

How to apply the alternative option to the blades? Well, initially, turn off the motor. Use your fingertip to take out a little oil and move that oiled finger around the cutting surface. Take your finger out of and turn on the hair clipper.

What Shouldn’t You Utilize?

On the contrary, you need to say no to the heavier oils. It will not be a good alternative if your selection is water displacers or greases.

For example, the motor oil or the dark kinds ought to be avoided using. You should only apply to the heavy machine.

If you have intended to use Vaseline, let’s give up it. The motor will get gummed or even stop running if you apply them to your own clipper.

On the other hand, it must also mention to WD-40 as well as the penetrating lubricants. These types do not bring the efficiency. Not the smell is only terrible but they are not also oil. Accordingly, they do not have the ability to smooth the trimmer blades.

If you do not want your hair clipper to get damaged, you should not absolutely apply any heavy oils, greases, or lubes on the cutting surface of the machine. A worse thing is them, which can be harm to your skin. Don’t fool to try!

How to Approach the Best?

Beard oil

In case you’d like to have an optimal approach, buying hair clipper oil before they run out is ideal.

Aside from the local stores, you can save more, by purchasing online. In additional to saving a significant budget, the usage time also lasts. It is good, right?

In fact, the options mentioned above are a non-bad idea if you need to run your hair clipper whether they cannot bring the optimal result like the real hair clipper oil. Remember that they are only an alternative option.

It will be damaged to the clipper if you run it without including oil. Rattling or damaging to the blade is difficult to. A worse one is it no run. A hair clipper cannot cut. It is certain that you must replace a new one.


You will not still feel confused when recognizing the lubricating oil run out. You will not also use the non-suitable oils in order to apply to your hair clipper. It is important that you know the hair clipper oil alternatives.

How? This article is useful for you, right? We hope that!

Of course, we do not recommend that you use these substitutes so as to replace trimmer oils a complete way. They should only be your preventive case.

You ought to know that the best approach is to utilize the real clipper oil. You will just apply the alternatives when you do not find any solution, running out oils, no time to purchase oils, for example.

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