Do you know who was the first inventor of hair clippers?

When mentioning to the hair clippers, we know that they are a dedicated tool to cut the hair. In spite of the operating principle like the scissors, the hair clippers still have the difference from the razors and scissors themselves.

The Principle of Operating

Based on the hair clipper reviews, it can say that hair clippers consist of a pair of sharpened-comb-like blades, which contact close to one while both the other and the side slide sideways a relative manner together. Correspondingly, this mechanism can be electrical or manual in order to move the blades from side to side. The movement of the clipper will make the hair be positioned the middle of the comb’s teeth. At once, only with an action of the scissor when it is slid sideways by one blade, the hair will be cut. It requires the friction of the blades must be low. Aside from, the material must also attain and be lubricated regularly.

The Manual Clippers

The Manual Clippers

By being squeezed and released by a pair of the handles, the hair clippers operate an efficient way, thanks to that, cutting the hair of the barbers becomes easy and quick. It is known that haircuts have gradually become common in schools, the young men in prisons as well as the military.

Between 1850 and 1890, Nikola Bizumic – a Serbian barber invented the manual clippers. In fact, they were spaciously utilized in the previous years because the appearance of the electric clippers led to the manual clippers that were replaced. Nevertheless, a couple of Western barbers still continue to utilize them, in particular, in the Russian army.

The Culture

From the early twentieth century in Greece, many male students had the shaved head with the manual clippers. In 1982, this one was abolished. Only when the recruits set feet in the military, it has the similar practice. Between the 1950s and 1960s, in Greece, there was a law – shaving the head with the manual clippers was utilized for the youth that was caught by the police, prostitutes or teddy-boys, for example.

On the other hand, the Indian barbers also used the manual clippers so as to cut two sides of hair. Apart from, clipping the side of hair has tended to be avoided by orthodox Jews while it is haram to clip hair with Muslim men.

The Electric Clippers

The Electric Clippers

Similar to the operating way of the manual clippers, but an electric motor helps drive and make the blades move. Time to time, in plenty of countries, they gradually replace the manual clippers. The electric clippers involve three various types of the motor, which are utilized in clipper magnetic, rotary, pivot, and production. Thanks to the alternating current or direct current, the rotary type can be driven while the clippers with either pivot or magnetic style utilize the magnetic forces that are derived from the copper-winding wire around the steel. As a whole, the alternating current contributes to creating a cycle relaxing and attracting. The purpose is to drive the clipper across the blade of combing based on creating the torque and speed.

The first electric clipper is invented by Leo J. Wahl. His first design was a hand-held massager, which was sold by Frank Wahl – his uncle. This model was widely used by a wide range of barbers. And then, he recognized an opportunity in order to improve this tool at this time.

Taking over the business of his own uncle – Frank must sever in the Spanish-American War, Leo Wahl continued to invent. In 1921, he launched an invention – the electric clipper. Thousands of models were sold all around the US within one year. At the same time, he also renamed his company – the Wahl Clipper Corporation. After dying in 1957, the company is still run until now by his descendants. It can say that Wahl Clipper is the top industry in manufacturing the products for the barber and beauty, even, to care of the person or animal. For the time being, the Wahl products have presented in many countries over the world.

Andis Clipper Company

Also in 1921, the industry of the electric clipper appeared another name – Mathew Andis. Thanks to the support from his wife – Anna, he started producing these clippers. Within one year, Andis with John Oster and Henry Meltzer founded the Andis O M Manufacturing. In the next year, the three established an individual company – Andis founded the Andis Clipper Company. Nowadays, it is still considered as a family-held business. In additional to that, the John Oster Manufacturing Company also began taking part in the market – the electric clipper in 1928. In 1960, Sunbeam Corporation acquired the John Oster Manufacturing Co. Aside from the clippers, they have released other items such as blenders, ovens, toasters,… Oster Company, Wahl Clipper, and Andis Company still get the certain success in the clipper industry with others – Kim Laube, for instance.


With the above information, it is certain that you have an overview on the hair clippers. In general, every manufacturer of the hair clipper comes with its own brand. However, the material of the blade is made from the stainless steel. Therefore, the resistance is pretty high and the long life. But, you don’t miss the maintenance if you want to use your clippers for a long period of time. The best is to consider the manual based on the bought product to maintain in a right way. Good luck!!!

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