How to Maintain Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are one of the most important equipment for men and sometimes women. It is used in cutting and trimming of hairs to avoid looking unkempt. As important as this device, most men do not take proper care of these hair clippers. Professional hair stylists and barbers are required to clean and sterilize their hair clippers after each use to prevent the spread of infection. The mistake that most people that do their hair cutting by themselves make is they do not clean and sterilize as often as they ought to. They often think that because they are the only one using the clipper, it wouldn't spread an infection.

Maintain Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are in constant contact with hair, skin and scalp when in use. These places are home to bacteria and other microorganisms. If proper maintenance is not carried out on the hair clipper, it becomes a breeding ground for infections. To help prevent such occurrence, we would be looking at ideal ways to maintain hair clippers to keep them safe for use.

Disconnect from Power Source

If the hair clipper was in use before trying to clean it, ensure that it is switched off. Just to be extra safe, disconnect the power cord from the power source. Like with any electrical device, always ensure there is no connection to electricity when touching its parts.

Remove Hair Particles

Get a waste basket close and place the hair clipper over it. Put in a position that all dusted hair particles would fall into the waste basket and not scatter on the floor. Using your hand, try and remove as much hair particles as you can. If the hair clipper came with a clipper brush, as most do, then make use of it. To do this, gently dust off the reminding hair on the blade. If you know how to unscrew the blades apart, do it and dust off any hidden hairs.

Disinfect the Hair Clipper

When you are done with dusting off the hairs, the next thing to do is to disinfect with alcohol. If you unscrewed the blades, it would be easier for you to apply alcohol within its crevices. You can either choose to place the alcohol in drops onto the hair clipper or use a clean cloth to wipe the clipper with alcohol. Whichever is the case, the main purpose for using alcohol is to kill bacteria and other microorganisms hiding in crevices.

For a more detailed disinfection, try and remove all removable parts of the hair clipper. This obviously cannot be done after every hair cut but it can be done once or twice a month, depending on the frequency of use. If you do not know how to dissemble the hair clipper, you can check the manual. Some of these hair clippers come with manuals that give instructions to this effect. If you did not see such manual and inexperienced in dissembling the hair clipper, avoid doing so.

Store Properly

After disinfection, allow the hair clipper to dry out naturally. This way, there won't be further contamination of the clipper. All other accessories used in cutting hair should also be subjected to this level of maintenance. The hair clipper should be kept in a cool dry place to avoid recontamination. Also ensure to keep in aa place that is safe enough to avoid falling. The service life of the hair clipper can be cut short if it accidentally falls from a dangerous height.

Hair clippers are good when they are sharp and as such, you much ensure they are only used for cutting of hair. Anything other than what it was designed for can leave it blunt. If you notice the hair clipper is not as sharp as it used to be, then you make need to go sharpen the clipper for effective performance.

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