Method Of Holding The Trimmer Machine And Using Trimmer Correctly

If you want to become one of the leading hair stylists, you constantly have to be one of those who uses the best strategy and trimmer. These are two items that are too familiar and frequently used as a haircut. Function brush comb, hair styling, while the trimmer is an effective tool to cut hair in a quick manner possible. For those who have no education or less grip so use it properly, suitability, most convenient for the hair cut is a difficult thing. Never hold the trimmer when you have to hold above the trimmer. Trimmer sandwiched between four fingers on one side while a side of the thumb.

Special Note:

A. Dividing The Mouth Into Five Sections Trimmer

Never be allowed to use up all the mouth trimmer, just use the trimmer five mouthparts as oil sands or bald, or first haircut nail on the head only.

B. Method implementation:

Before cutting a basic male hair, you have to go out if hair with long hair pulled away, divide the hair into five sections is calculated from bittern up. 5 is the top part and the front roof

  •  Part 1 is below your neck hair cut about one cm
  • Part 2 continued with a haircut you rest two centimeters
  • Part 3 with the second part you cut hair remaining three cm
  • Part 4 with your haircut thirds remaining four to five cm
  • Part 5 with part four of the remaining hair cut from five to eight cm

C. Start Made By Trimmer Machines

  • When the barber always to comb vertically upward slopes formed between the comb-shaped v and scalp, trimmer entirely dependent on having to go, i.e., comb and also comb-shaped reclining v, so you just used up the mouth 3.5 section 5 of the trimmer.
  • Hair cut at the nape of your guests be cut by between 4 and 7 cm in length according to the strategy and to use 2.5 to 3.5 particles fifths of the lower edge trimmer
  • Hair cut at two sides because it is so you have to cut curves slower path of the trimmer comb and length from 3 to 6 cm and use the trimmer from 1 to 2.5 parts five cardboard Trimming the lower edge

D. Some Special Note

  •  Brush when they stop using the trimmer
  • Trimmer while running, stop strategy, because not using a sharp knife to make Statistics
  • When both activities, i.e., then you are allowed to cut hair from 0.2 mm to 0, 5 mm hair
  • You are permitted at the nape cut 3 cm high hair, hair on the side of the hotel brings you are allowed to cut 1.5 to 2 cm in your flanks are allowed to cut hair 3 cm height
  • Then trimmed hair above the roof and that roof with hair below.

E. Choose the Trimmer to Cut the Pet

Choose the Trimmer to Cut the Pet
  •  Have appropriate operational capacity: Depending on the thickness, shorter length of pet hair that you should choose a high-capacity trimmer or moderate capacity. These units have a capacity trimmer can cut strong all though thick coat to where they usually have higher prices, vibration and quieter sometimes running also not necessary if you have a cat and dog house little hairy
  • Low noise: If trimmer vibrates a lot, there is loud noise is easy to make the pet becomes irritable, uncomfortable, sometimes even fear. Whether they obediently sat refurbished beauty, you will be slightly difficult.
  • There is long-term use of time: there are dogs, cats are very good, you are told how they heard it, but there is also a quite stubborn kid, we always managed to escape from being trimmed. At this time, a trimmer with the short duration of use will easily run out of power halfway through before you finish the cut hair for pet dog
  • Finally, the trimmer also needs to be tailored to fit you can hold hands, comfortable operation.

D. Wash Your Hair Before Cutting Your Hair

Before you should wash your hair cut because that would make workers more easily cut.
Reason :

  • One / hair not clean the plaques together, making workers
  • Difficult to get hair in normal condition.
  • ​Two / hair is dirty, there is plenty of oil, dust should wear pull or widgets.
  • Three / conditioner before cutting will be easy to avoid cursing workers behind.

Quote :
On the human head where the temperature is hottest, and where it will automatically reduce heat if you use the water spray (sprayed) on.
When sprayed into the water, the temperature will rise from the top and should be easy to evaporate smell, and the smell is unpleasant. if you use a finger into the scalp, then it would smell like the smell of dead fish. after haircuts, we need to wash your hair immediately, bending or dyeing the workmen

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