Andis hair clippers

Do you know who was the first inventor of hair clippers?

When mentioning to the hair clippers, we know that they are a dedicated tool to cut the hair. In spite of the operating principle like the scissors, the hair clippers still have the difference from the razors and scissors themselves. The Principle of Operating Based on the hair clipper reviews, it can say that hair […]

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How to use the trimmer properly

The Best Way to Clean Your Hair Clippers

The majority of us has owned the hair clippers for ourselves whatever we use them for cutting the hair, a fast line, or other purposes. Importantly, keeping the hair clippers a clean way is always necessary if you want your clippers to become more sharpened and have a good appearance. Aside from that, the maintenance […]

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Your Hair Clippers at Home

In What Way Can You Use Your Hair Clippers at Home

At present, instead of going to the barber shop, a large number of people choose to cut their hair at home in order to save money as well as time. Accordingly, the hair clippers have become a common tool because it is not difficult to use as long as we know how to utilize properly. […]

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shave and care your face

How to shave and care face rightly for men

​ The seemingly simple story, but not everyone knows shaving the wrong way can cause significant impacts on health, especially the impact on your skin. So please refer to the following article to shave clean, comfortable and more efficient. “King of the barber” said: you should shave in the same direction of the beard grow. […]

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Cleaning up all Strays

5 Simple Ways to Use a Beard Trimmer

One of the invaluable weapons in the grooming of a man is a beard trimmer. With a trimmer, you clean up your winter beard. In addition to that, you can get a closer trim to look nice in case you do not want to be cleanly shaven. In fact, it is not difficult to use […]

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Top Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Top Undercut Hairstyles for Men to Rock This Summer

If you are looking for a hairstyle as a gentleman to stand you out from the pack, then the undercut hairstyle may just be your lucky pick. This is one type of hairstyle that fits any man daring enough to have his looks changed. From celebrities to everyday men on the streets, the undercut hairstyle […]

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Clean and sterilize hair clippers

How to Maintain Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are one of the most important equipment for men and sometimes women. It is used in cutting and trimming of hairs to avoid looking unkempt. As important as this device, most men do not take proper care of these hair clippers. Professional hair stylists and barbers are required to clean and sterilize their […]

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