How to shave and care face rightly for men

The seemingly simple story, but not everyone knows shaving the wrong way can cause significant impacts on health, especially the impact on your skin. So please refer to the following article to shave clean, comfortable and more efficient.

"King of the barber" said: you should shave in the same direction of the beard grow. This will reduce the irritation and the appearance of an ingrown beard. This approach will help you a closer shave him and cleaner. Besides this article, you can check here for finding the best trimmers on the current market.

In an interview with the magazine Men's Health, Diane Wood, who won the title of "King of the barber America," he said a common mistake and biggest that you men are suffering as they shave Vertical the horizontal direction of the beard grows.

how to shave properly

Do Not Shave In the Evening

No matter how busy you do not shave in the evening because the skin is very sensitive evening and inelastic more pain as the morning so easily scratched face. Despite shaving machine is still difficult to avoid damage skin cells on your face.

The Morning but shaving before breakfast because of chewing movements during breakfast blood into the jaw, lips and around eyes mound, shaving meanwhile bleed easily.

Use Warm Water before Shaving

Rinse thoroughly with warm water before shaving to both disinfect skin, enlarging pores, helps the blade to work more effectively bar. Clean with a knife or by machine as you like but must be a sharp knife and especially clean. Do not forget to clean the beard is not as important as clean shave that makes the skin surface then super infection better does not shave.

How to Shave Properly

Shaving the beard right direction. Shaved vice that causes lesions beard follicles. Wash your face with cold water after shaving to just quickly closed , it just reassure nervous receptors irritation series before pulling the pull through of the blade on the skin.

Apply after shaving solution (after shave) you should use alcohol to do so is through the skin antiseptic that, but if it is a high alcohol will fit just as easily irritate dry skin.

After shaving you should apply a thin layer of cream, 5% -10% type of vitamin E, which works to "2 in 1" has anti-allergic skin inflammation and protect healthy structure the subcutaneous layer. Shaver's was born brought great convenience for the men. However, to shaving with an effective machine, you should note the following points.

1. Preparation

use shaving cream

Ideally, you should shower or wash your face thoroughly before shaving. This allows the pores are open, making it easy than shaving. To reduce the discomfort and prevent the oiliness stick into the machine, you should also use shaving cream with products marketed before shaving.

2. Instructions on How to Shave Correctly

It depends on your type of shaver shaving user which different way. You should hold perpendicular to the skin, scrape the skin stretching hands makes shaving easier and faster. For this type of curled shaver, you should shave in the direction of up and down, while the form of revolving shaver, you should shave in the direction of rotation.

Another point to note is that the shaver is due with motor instruments; it can be created to create a certain amount of heat when operating. Therefore, you should shave sensitive areas before the machine is still cool before you shave other areas. You should not have repeatedly scraped off one shaved areas will cause discomfort.

3. How to Preserve Shavers

clean the razor

The preservation shaver makes it possible not only work efficiently but also help extend the life of the machine. Use a brush and it is gently clean sweep dust on the razor after each shave. You should avoid shaving head dam on hard objects to clean the shaving heads.

You should pay attention to replacing the razor when it is blunt. Typically, the types of shaver’s hills roll style; you should replace the shaving heads after using about 1-2 years, while the form of spinning machines often replaces the shaving heads after one year of use.

The shaving machine can cause discomfort to you at first. You should be patient. You'll get used to that feeling and will see a shaver is an indispensable tool for your life. Also, shaver, nose hair trimming machine is also very useful tool graves to clean your nose and ears.

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