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Anyone using a hair clipper will need the lubricating oil. Why? Yes, the purpose is to last the use time. But, why are the hair clipper oil? You can still utilize other lubrications, WD-40, Spray Coolants, or Rem Oil, for example. It is wrong if you have that thought. These lubrications do not last. They evaporate off a quick way, so it occurs the friction in a short period of time. It is noticed that they are not safe. You must wear the safety gear when applying. Some include the denatured alcohol – the toxin. Correspondingly, it would be best to choose to use the blade oil.

Oil a Clipper Blade Properly – Watch Out For!

In fact, you will need to oil 4 points of the blade. Yes, you likely feel difficult at the first oil times, but everything is going to be more natural in the next times. If this is your first times, you can follow our steps.

Step #1 - Push the Cutter

Push the Cutter

To access into three first points of the blade, push the cutter out. Like that, you can easily the back of the rail because of the spring lined up the notch. Remember that this is the first step you cannot ignore.

Oiling Point

Step #2 – Oil on the Rear Rails

Start with the rear rails, by dropping a couple of drops of the hair clipper oil. Initially, oil on the left of the spring. Of course, there is the rear rail. Then, continue dropping the right.

Step #3 – Oil the Groove in the Top of Your Clipper

Continuously, there is the top of the clipper. Drop 1-2 drops of blade oil into the groove. It recommends that you ought to do this once a day in order to protect the blade from the friction and cutting improperly. Apart from, if you do not oil this position, your clipper will also hesitate. The worse thing is to lead to cornrow or further.

Step #4 – Oil on the Clipper Teeth

Oil Clippers

For the time being, to add the blade oil on the clipper teeth, need to push your clipper back the central position and then put on the table unless you can also place it back the clipper.

Keep in mind, you only oil on the teeth, in all case you have put the blade on the clipper. By that way, you will not have to worry about the oil that is taken off the blade by your hair when cutting.

Step #5 – Drop the Oil into the Center of the Blade

Oil into the central position. Just drop 1-2 drops without running the oil across the teeth. Like that, the teeth and the coat will sweep the oil. To reach that (the whole oil coat on the blade), simply start your hair clipper.


You need to oil regularly so as to make sure the best performance of your hair clipper. The blade of the unit must be in a downward position. This is the way to oil properly. On the other hand, don’t forget to wipe off the excessive amount of the oil to avoid running back into the motor. Let’s oil when you clean the blade. It should oil after each use.


It only uses a tiny amount of the hair clipper oil, but the blades are maintained well. It does not also take more time and effort to lubricate them. Importantly, this one helps reduce the heat, strengthen the sharp, and prevent the friction. You will likely use it for a long time. It requires that you maintain it in a right way.

If you do not know how to oil the clipper blade due to the first times using, consult this article. We have listed step-by-step. Your task is very simple. Follow them! Please let a comment below in case you have the questions related. We will answer as fast as possible. It hopes that you recognize the usefulness after reading this article. Good luck!!!

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