Top 6 Best Wahl Hair Clippers for Grooming – You Need to Know

Instead of going to the barbershop, you can entirely get a grooming haircut at home with the hair clippers.

They allow you to cut your own hair whether you are professional or not. This one is to save, isn’t this? Here are the best Wahl hair clippers. Wahl is a reliable brand that you can believe to choose one of them.

Wahl – The Well-Known Manufacturer to Find the Best Hair Clippers

Best Brands of the Hair Clipper

  • Wahl

In 1919, Leo J. Wahl had released the first electric hair clipper. It can say that Wahl is the only brand, which invented this machine and was founded in Chicago Illinois.

The success and innovation have continuously been in almost a century. In the recent years, Wahl has revolutionized the industry by pioneering the lithium ion battery to release the cordless hair clippers.

At present, we can find the hair clipper labeled Wahl over 165 countries around the world.

  • Conair

This is another based firm of the US. Since the founded time (1959), Conair has quickly expanded their subdivisions up to numbers #10. The revenue of each year is not under $2bn.

When saying to this brand, we know that it specializes in producing the clipper items with the advanced technology, along with the reasonable price.

  • Panasonic

This is a Japanese company, which was founded in 1918. Although they only add the hair clippers to their product lines in several recent years, they provide a lot of the models that are powerful enough to compete with other manufacturers.

In general, Panasonic provides a variety of the products with many different price levels. Of course, the price always comes with the quality. Some models can reach 10, 000rpm motors. It is good, right?

  • Andis

View from different angles, Andis is one of the top brands related to the advanced clipper technology since the corporation was founded in 1920.

Initially, John Oster and Matthew Andis cooperated together in order to control the clipper market. Then, they split and Mathew Andis started forming the separation basic – the Andis Clipper Company.

Since the first electric hair clipper is invented, Andis usually provides the models with the highest-quality and high-performance for a variety of the consumers.

  • Philips

This is a Dutch company, which was born in 1891. When mentioning to Philips, it is certain that everyone knew their products coming with the quality and the reasonable price.

Their key is the innovation in the items. Correspondingly, a large number of the models have the optimal features, the rotating head, for example.

  • Oster

After splitting ways with Mathew Andis, John Oster founded their own company – the Oster Clipper Company, which is enjoyed in the U.S.

It is known the most, which must say to the Cadillac of hair clippers. In general, the Oster range always comes with the power, practicality, and durability. Exactly, it is a true barbershop.

Our Best Wahl Hair Clipper for Your Grooming Needs Efficiently

You always want to look groomed when meeting other people. So, you ought to consider purchasing an excellent hair clipper, which helps you to simplify your task significantly.

With the optimal quality and the reasonable price, here are the best hair clippers from Wahl you can add to your chosen list.

It is known that the Pro 8546 clipper from Wahl is the first grooming model to use a lithium ion battery. This design is widely utilized for the professional models.

Accordingly, you can entirely expect this model when the battery is used technically and can charge within 45 minutes.

Apart from, its charge feature is fast enough for you to complete your desired haircut for 12 minutes.

Looking at the overall design, this model is a premium – the sleek casing with the heavy weight. The front display consists of 4 LED lights, which enable you to recognize when to charge it.

I especially love its powerful rotary motor because you can comb through your hair. Nonetheless, with a range of outstanding features, its price level is not cheap.

But, in general, its price is reasonable. If you are looking for an innovation hair clipper, it should not ignore this model of Wahl.

What we like

What we don’t like:

  • It fits the hands
  • The motor is quiet
  • Fast charging
  • Easy to hold
  • It is powerful enough to cut
  • It does not use for trimming
  • Expensive

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper

But frankly speaking, the Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Clipper is one of the most iconic models when mentioning to the hair clipper. It makes sure that you will not waste your budget when choosing to buy this clipper.

This is the corded hair clipper with the powerful rotary motor, which allows you to deal with a range of hair types. Even, when you use it to cut the hair all day, its speed is still maintained.

It is noticed that the extra-long cord should be handy if you want to cut the hair outdoors.

The design of the casing is rough, so it creates the good grip for the users. Aside from that, the ergonomic shape also contributes to making this product, which is chosen as a weapon of the barber.

If compared to the comparable models, the Wahl Pro 8500 clipper is cheaper. It is noticed that the product comes with the accessories such as the attachment combs, cleaning brush, oil, oil, instructions, and a red blade guard.

V9000 electromagnetic motor is surprising. All create an optimal clipper you should not ignore.

What we like

What we don’t like:

  • Smooth cut
  • It can handle any demand
  • Very powerful
  • Strong motor
  • It is durable and versatile
  • It seems loud
  • The vibration is so much

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper

This is one of the hair clippers along with the most durable and powerful motor, which belongs the product line of Wahl.

The blades coming with this clipper are both sharp and precise, so it brings the high performance when using. In additional to that, a set of stainless steel combs contributes to ensuring a smoothing haircut.

In comparison with other guards, the guards of this clipper are smoother and more rounded. Correspondingly, poking is significantly decreased. The motor is powerful enough to cut your hair without snagging.

Due to it just works on 110V-120V, it ought to need to have a 220V converter. Keep in mind, if you want it to work efficiently, it will need the various mechanisms inside the clipper.

All in all, this model is good in the price range if you do not have a lot of requirements of the motor.

What we like

What we don’t like:

  • Easy to touch up
  • Great trimmer
  • Solid weight
  • It is reliable and sturdy
  • It does not overheat
  • The combs are thick
  • The motor is pretty noisy

If you are finding the best Wahl hair clipper for fading, it cannot ignore this model, especially when it is more lucrative than your thoughts.

It can say that this Wahl clipper is considered as the optimal product of the electromagnetic haircutter. The V9000 motor is powerful enough for you to make sure the heavy-duty running.

The blades are sharp and pretty paved, so fading is easy. Aside from that, the blades can easily adjust with the zero-overlap abilities. The housing with the aluminum metal material is durable and has the ability to withstand tear and wear.

The Wahl Pro 5 Star 8545 hair clipper consists of the 3-cutting guides, comb, cleaning brush, red blade guard, oil, adjustable taper lever, and operating instructions. Are these things enough to meet the needs?

This is the product, which is made in the U.S. The quality is to ensure. What are you waiting for?

What we like

What we don’t like:

  • It is smooth and powerful
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable
  • The magnetic motor is great
  • It has tended to get hot when cutting
  • The blades seem loose

This hair clipper from Wahl is attractive and friendly sufficient for you to get the nice haircuts. Even, if you want to fade, this is really easy. It believes that the barber professionals will be difficult to ignore this option.

With the full size, this clipper provides the superior precision. It comes with the V9000 motor, so running will be both faster and cooler than a standard model.

I love this product because of the crunch blade technology. They are smooth, convenient and easy to clean and adjust your thumb for texture and fades.

When choosing to utilize this Wahl clipper, you will have the cleaning brush, red blade guard, manual, oil and attachment comb guides. What a convenient it is!

View from different angles, this is a professional device – the 8-foot cord, the ability to operate at 120V/ 60H. It will regret if you ignore this product.

What we like

What we don’t like:

  • The powerful motor
  • Cutting great
  • Awesome for fading
  • The reasonable price
  • Great trimming
  • It is loud noise
  • The lever is difficult to stay in position

There is no denial that the Wahl Color Pro 79300-400T Complete Hair Kit is a machine, which you can utilize to get an ideal cut at your home.

If those who want to own an easy-to-use model, this hair clipper will be a suitable selection because the color-coded buttons make the users easy to find the correct comb size.

Thanks to that, you will not meet many difficulties in determining the precise size as desired. It includes the heavy-duty motor with the exceptional power, so cuts reach the high precision and are stayed the longer sharp.

Also, a convenient adjustable taper lever helps the cutting lengths to be customized easily. This model comes with a variety of the colors, accessories, and instructions. Furthermore, a handle-gripping storage case contributes to increasing the convenience anymore.

The product has the warranty to 5 years. It makes sure the interests of the customers.

What we like

What we don’t like:

  • Easy to use
  • It is built sturdy
  • It is very good for the price
  • It works nicely
  • The trimmer is powerful
  • The blade is not very sharp
  • It is too noisy


This article is useful for you, isn’t it? Based on what we shared above, it wishes that you will be able to find the desired hair clipper as your needs.

As mentioned, Wahl is one of the reliable brands of this product line. It is important that you just need to learn about the chosen items carefully. If possible you can consult your friends or relatives, who used to utilize it.

The best Wahl hair clippers in our list are good enough for who those have the hair-cutting demand at home. Happy shopping enjoy!!!