It only takes 3 minutes to get a beautiful beard, how we do it?

Using the best beard trimmer is a habit of men. It can say that a part in the beauty need for men is to trim their beard. The final result of trimming the beard is what the male can be benefited from a couple of techniques and tricks. If you want to groom the beard yours, this article will be to spend for you.

The Types of Beard – The Way to Trim

A Normal Beard

A Normal Beard
  • Initially, you must set the guard of the beard trimmer like your desire. This one is to depend on the length of the beard that you’d like to. Let’s remember that you must clean and dry your beard before beginning to trim.
  • Starting, it moves straight from the jaw toward the chin with a single motion. This is repeated until all theexcessive hair around your jaw has been removed entirely. At once, a line of your hair around the face and chin has also been created.
  • Likely, around the cheeks and the chin, you also perform the vertical single motion. Don’t try to force your hair to be against the natural direction of the trimmer. The best is to follow the natural shape of your face.
  • Continuously, the guard of the trimmers is removed after beginning to shave underneath your chin and around the neck until you recognize the hairless skin without any leftover hairs. This motion ought to be performed a careful manner in order to avoid cutting yourself. Let’s remember!
  • You also move the trimmer down when performing on your cheeks. The corner of your mustache down one side of the face should be made a neat movement. One is the accurate angle unless it is to depend on your chosen style. Nevertheless, it ensures that your beard is trimmed a symmetrical way.

Note: It frequently clean the leftover hair the inside of the beard trimmer so as to avoid clogging.

A Thin Beard

Although the thin beard is difficult to style, it may still shape the style if you know how to utilize the fundamental tools.

The basic equipment: mirror; scissors; towel; razor; water; clipper; soap.

A Thin Beard
  • Both the face and beard need to be washed with the soapy warm water after wiping dry with the soothing towel.
  • Either the mustache trimmer or the clippers must be set with the right height of the guard as long as it is suitable for your desired length. It goes over a couple of times a careful manner with the clippers, the start from up to down, then performing contrariwise. Once your beard becomes even, the guard can be removed. At once, the clipper blades must be eliminated the leftover hair.
  • Using the hair scissors to trim the long sideburns until you recognize that it reached the desired length. When finishing, you must clean the scissors.
  • For the time being, using the warm water to wet the face and applying the shaving cream and just leaving your beard. Let’s shave a careful way the desired position of the face that hair is growing. It avoids shaving your beard. After completing, it rinses the face and the razor.
  • Utilizing the unguarded clippers to trim your beard thinner after you are able to trim the beard a bit or shape it thinner anymore. Looking at the mirror to see both sides has actually even. Don’t forget to clean the clippers after using by applying a little clipper oil.

Note: To find a suitable style, you can try experiencing many different styles. Apart from, you should not submerge your clippers in water and should remove them after utilizing.

A Fu ManChu Beard

Do you like a beard with the Fu Manchu style? Well, in fact, there are some techniques and tools that may be used to keep your beard in the desired shape. After you equip the necessary things, a Fu Manchu style is not difficult.
The essential things: fine-toothed comb; mustache wax; blade razor or electric shaver; bathroom mirror or hand mirror; beard trimmer or barber scissors; shaving cream or soap.

A Fu ManChu Beard
  • Using the soapy water to wash your beard and leaving it dry unless you can also utilize the shaving cream.
  • Looking at the mirror, you begin shaving a whole your hair with the razor or electric shaver, except the mustache over the top of your lip. In bars from that strip, the hair is continued down two sides of the mouth to your jaw. In the middle of the chin under the lower lip, a small-triangular-hair patch can be left.
  • It continues to look at the mirror so as to smooth the Fu Manchu beard by utilizing the fine-toothed comb.
  • Using the barber scissors, you can trim a leftover hair around the Fu Manchu beard. At the same time, like your desire, it can be kept close to the face. In case you’d like to keep it upper and lower the jawline, you can use the beard trimmer to perform, by trimming both sides and bottom of the beard yours.
  • The end with the mustache wax a bit.

Note: Let’s utilize a mustache wax a saving way! You should remember that these tools must be used properly, your Fu Manchu beard can be made in a right style. Aside from that, based on the information of, you should not trim or shave your beard when it is wet because the beard will look longer at that time. Correspondingly, you can be going to cut your beard shorter. Let’s wait for it to dry before you start to groom.

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