Is the Trimmer Better or the Shaver?

Trimmer or Shaver

People look at how to wear in order to judge a lady. For men, there is the beard. The tool to support that is a trimmer or shaver. The war between both never stops. Finally, which one will win?

Right now, we will provide the features of both. Based on there, you can consider choosing to buy the best rechargeable shaver or the quality trimmer. Let’s see!!!

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The Trimmer or Shaver Is Better, Isn’t It? – Go for It!!!

1. Outstanding Features - Trimmers and Shavers

a) Trimmers

In general, the trimmers provide the attachments that are not different from the combs. These combs have the certain length so that you can reach the desired haircut.


In addition, the blades have the ability to self-sharpen. On the other hand, the users can control and set the length and speed as desired. To move a flexible way, the trimmers have equipped the pivoting head.

It is noticed that the various design of the trimmer allows you to be able to remove the hair easily and conveniently.

b) Shavers

When choosing to buy the shavers, there are two types to consider – electric and manual. To compare to the manual type, we will provide the features of the electric model in order that you have a clear view.

Basically, the electric shavers are designed with the hidden knives under the metallic foil surface. The purpose is to remove the hair safely. At once, the distance between them and the vibrating blades will be closer.


The shavers come with the two blades. They move with the circulatory and high speed. At the same time, to provide the large area for removing the hair, the shavers have a triangular manner to place the blades.

Aside from that, the 3-blade technology enables you to be able to shave closer. Thanks to the adjustable head, you likely remove your hair the closest as possible.

2. Common Features

  • Both are friendly with the users and have owned a comfortable grip. It is safe when using.
  • Don’t worry about the scratches on your skin.
  • Importantly, don’t irritate the skin whether your skin is sensitive.
  • Recharging is easy

3. The Evident Difference

Most people assume that using the trimmers and shavers to remove is the same. This one is not necessary. Remember that you use a trimmer to shape your hair while a shaver only helps to move the hair from the skin.

Nonetheless, the trimmers do not have the ability to exfoliate the dead cells like the electrical shavers.

In return for that, the trimmers provide the attachments. This aspect cannot find if you choose to utilize the shavers.

Although both can recharge, the electrical shavers only operate with the battery. For the trimmers, you can choose to use the corded or charging operation.

4. Types of Trimmers and Shavers

a) Trimmers

Trimmer Types

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In general, the types of the trimmer are various, in particular,

Hair trimmer – It comes with the standard size. Consequently, you can trim a large area simultaneously.

Beard trimmer – People use this trimmer to shape the facial hair. Frequently, there are the various settings so that you can reach the desired style.

Ear & nose trimmer – Its blades designed in a special way allow cutting the internal parts like the ears and nose. You can also use for shaping your eyebrows. It is okay!

Bikini trimmer – The model has a better design to be able to remove the hair from the private positions.

b) Shavers

Shavers Types

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Unlike the trimmers, the shavers do not have the different designs for the parts of your body. Basically, they are divided into two types:

Manual – It is known as the razor. The manual shavers have been on the market for an extended period of time. The model does not require charging or using the electric.

But, you must utilize the razor cream or gel when shaving. Due to being made from the manual blades, it can cause the scratches when using.

If chosen to use the razor, there will have 3 options for you, including, the cartridge razor, straight razor, and safety razor.

  • Cartridge: This is the most state-of-the-art model that a manual razor reaches. The ability to shave and the safety are good enough.
  • Straight: This model is the cheapest. At once, it is not friendly to the users. Yes, it is actually outdated.
  • Safety: If the straight razor has been outdated, the safety model is called the medieval one. Before utilizing, you must put the blade in.

Electrical – As mentioned above, the electrical shavers can help to clean your hair without requiring more support.

Final Thoughts

As what we shared, the trimmers and shavers have the similar features, but they also have the specific differences. Of course, both will have the different use purpose and meet the different demands. According to your need, you can consider giving a right decision.

If you like something that looks both classic and have the flexible features, you can select the best electric shaver. On the other hand, for the modern look and the advanced technology, the trimmer is a suitable choice.

Keep these ones in mind! It believes that you will be able to find a model, which meets all your needs.

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