Wahl vs. Oster Hair Clippers – All That You Need to Know Right Now


When saying to the hair clippers for men, most people prioritize to choose to use two of many brands available on the market today, in particular, Wahl vs. Oster. Both are the reliable brands and have the long history.

So, how to choose one? Yes, this one is not easy. Nonetheless, though it is difficult to give a right decision, it is possible. You can be based on the pros and cons of both to consider. Here are…

Wahl vs. Oster – Compare to Choose Properly

1. Wahl

Wahl Hair Clippers

Pros of the Wahl Clippers

  • There are the professional and home-use models, so they can meet the right need of the customers.
  • All products are made in the USA. Correspondingly, the quality is reliable.
  • There are two options for your – corded and cordless. The corded models operate with the v5000 motor, while the cordless clippers are based on the Lithium-ion battery to work. Averagely, you will have at least 90 minutes for the running time.
  • With the material, it does not need to debate. The manufacturer prioritizes to use the stainless steel combining with the plastic to make the housing. For the blade, the primary material is the high carbon steel. Thanks to that, the case is durable and solid while the blades are sharp.
  • The setting is various. In general, there will have 3 guide combs so that you can utilize – 1/16”, 1/8”, and 3/16”.
  • Some of the advanced models can use for both the dry and wet hair.
  • The majority of the hair clippers from Wahl have equipped some attachments, along with the product, including, cleaning brush, clipper oil, scissors, attachment comb,…

Cons of the Wahl clippers

  • The vibration is difficult to avoid with most hair clippers, the Wahl models included.
  • The weight is heavy a bit, so you can meet difficult to use.

General assessment

We know that many people believe in using the Wahl hair clippers because of not only the reliability but also the quality. It is noticed the design for multi-purpose. The professional hair clippers are to spend for those who are a barber or rich in the experience. Inevitably, the home-use models are easy to use at home.

On the other hand, the clippers from Wahl still own the optimal features that an advanced model should have. The motor is quiet, but it is full power. The blades with the high-carbon steel are sharp enough to cut the desired length.

Furthermore, most products come with many accessories. Consequently, you can save a small amount of your budget to buy these. Nonetheless, it seems to concentrate on the pro hair clippers, so the weight of most Wahl clippers are heavy. For the beginners, there will have a little confusing.

2. Oster

Oster Hair Clippers

Pros of the Oster hair clippers

  • The manufacturer provides the specific clippers for men and pet, so you are easy to distinguish.
  • Similar to Wahl, the products are produced in the America. It means that the quality will also be  ensured.
  • Include the corded and cordless hair clippers for your option. For the corded models, the 9-foot power cord is enough to move. They fit the standard outlets ~ 120V. With the Lithium-ion technology, the cordless clippers just need at least one hour of charging time and provide 2 hours of using.
  • The blades are made of the stainless steel, so it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • A couple of the newest models from Oster have equipped the motor, which is less vibration and loud. Accordingly, they are ideal for those who are sensitive the noise.
  • The advanced Oster hair clippers allow using for either the wet or dry hair. It is okay.
  • It provides three speed settings, 4,400+ SPM, 3,600 SPM, and 3,100 SPM. There are five different cutting lengths of the blade. In the least case, there will have three settings.
  • The Oster hair clippers are also composed many accessories, including, comb attachments, cleaning brush, blade oil, case,…

Cons of the Oster clippers

  • The users can feel uncomfortable because it is quickly hot.
  • The motor does not actually work effectively.

General assessment

It is not accidental that a large number of the consumers have faith in the Oster hair clippers. The product allows using for the specific purposes, for men or the pet, depending on your demand.

The corded and cordless models likely meet all that the users need. The cord length is long enough for you to reach the desired distance during the cutting process. With the 200V outlet, you can carry when traveling that does not worry about charging. Similarly, the cordless hair clippers are to enable charging quickly while the use time is long. What ideal!

Importantly, most products have come with an array of the accessories. Therefore, you will not have to buy the additional things when using. The one makes the Oster hair clippers lose the point before the consumer – the hotness. Frequently, after using for more 20 minutes, the machine becomes hot.

Final Thoughts

In fact, nothing is absolute. Any products or machines also have the specific pros and cons. Nevertheless, if these disadvantages do not make you feel uncomfortable and likely accept, it will be a right option.

Wahl vs. Oster has the advantages and disadvantages as mentioned above. In general, both are not more different. They are good at this aspect, but there also have other drawbacks.

If you recognize that the cons of Wahl or Oster hair clippers are no problem, let’s give a decision. Have peace of mind! Both Wahl and Oster have the affordable products. They are only expensive when you pick up the most advanced models. So, after all, you should also consult the price before deciding.

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