In What Way Can You Use Your Hair Clippers at Home

At present, instead of going to the barber shop, a large number of people choose to cut their hair at home in order to save money as well as time. Accordingly, the hair clippers have become a common tool because it is not difficult to use as long as we know how to utilize properly. Basically, you need to get the correct kind of clippers for the hairstyle that you’d like to after you practice on some of your relatives or close friends. In this way, you will quickly learn the way to use the hair clipper properly unless you can consult the following steps. Let’s see!

The Steps Guide Use the Hair Clippers at Home

Step #1 – Initially, you need to consider the hairstyle that you want to cut. The best is to pick up the clippers that bring a lot of options for you so as to cut the various lengths of your hair. If possible, you ought to find the clippers can adjust the blade angles. Like that, you can cut a variety of layers in a style.

Aside from that, getting the clippers with edge guards will allow you to cut the area closely your ears.​

how to use your hair clippers

Step #2 – It sets up an area that is easy to clean and sweep up before cutting. It prepares some vacuum bags to catch the flyaway hairs without flying over your room. In additional to that, you should also utilize a cape tying around the neck in order to avoid your hair to fall on the body or the floor.

flyaway hairs

Step #3 – Before using the hair clippers, you need to utilize a spray bottle to wet your hair and make it lie in place because your hair will fly if dried. Like that, cutting will be difficult due to the hair is held in place. On the other hand, to ensure that your hair is accurately cut, you must clean and free your hair from the hair produces – the hairspray or mousse, for example.

The Steps Guide Use the Hair Clippers at Home

Step #4 – Let’s comb your hair like the hairstyle that you want to get. For the time being, it tilts your head to forward a bit and starts to cut in the back with your hair clippers. Let’s remember that you are not run to the direction of your hair growth. You must run the opposite direction.

comb your hair

Step #5 – Starting, you will work up your head. The next is around the sides. Stop! Before continuing, you ought to look at the mirror in order to consider the cut sections that are even or not. Then, you continuously cut the detailed sections. A close cut at your nape will be finished. Don’t forget to run the clippers with the growth hair on your hair if you want evening the lines out.

The clippers with the growth hair

Step #6 – The uneven hair sections missed by the hair clippers could be cut by the well-sharpened scissors. You will also hold the longer hair section after beginning running along your hair edge with the clippers. What’s more, the scissors will contribute to taking the jagged edges on the top of the head.


  •   Occasionally, you should also stop throughout cutting to prevent the clipper from the irritation.
  • The hair clippers must be cleaned before using in order that the germs do not spread.


It utilizes the clippers so as to get a desired short haircut.

What a simple it is! Well, it hopes that you will be able to use your hair clippers a right way. Like that, you shall likely cut the hair at home.

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