Amazing Tips That You Should Know About Hair Clipper Oil


These days, more and more people are interested in cutting their hairs themselves at home. Therefore, they tend to use the hair clippers very often every morning. However, some of them do not know how to have the proper maintenance for their hair clipper. I have an advice that you should lubricate them, constantly keep them clean and disinfectant. As a result, I am going to show you some amazing tips about hair clipper oil that you can easily perform at home.

Wonderful Tips About Hair Clipper Oil That You Should Know

Hair Clipper Oiling

What tools should you prepare for hair clipper oiling?

Do you want your clippers to last for years such as a decade? I know that there are a number of people that had their grandparents’ clipper from decades ago. And of course, they are still working at peak performance due to ongoing maintenance.

Therefore, you need to prepare some necessary tools for your maintenance process. You need a displayed brush, a screwdriver, clipper oil, as well as the cool care.

How to replace the blade before oiling

For blade replacement, you will need the support from the screwdriver to slowly loosen the blade screws. You can turn it in circle direction until the screws come off. Now, you can set the screws aside, remove the lower and upper blade.

Then, you can grab the replacement blade and place the upper blade onto the drive. You can follow these steps with the lower blade. With your thumb pressing on the lower blade, you need to set in your screws.

After that, turn the blade screw that is closest to the adjustment lever clockwise until tight. Then, make sure to tighten the other screw.

How to align the blade before oiling

When mentioning about the proper hair clipper oiling, it is about establishing a routine every time. However, the first step is that you need to pick your clipper up and check it carefully. Make sure the blade is aligned properly.

Moreover, in my opinion, every human being that owns a clipper should have a screwdriver. The reason for this viewpoint is very simple and practical. You can loosen the blade screws counter-clockwise evenly.

You can do this in quarter-turn increments until the lower blade moves slightly. With your clipper in the closed position, you can use the screwdriver handle to tap down lightly on either side of the lower blade to reach the desired gap.

Once you have the proper gap, you can adjust accordingly to make sure your blades are parallel. Again, you can perform the same process as the blade replacement that I mentioned before. With your thumb pressing on the lower blade, you can turn the blade screw that is closest to the adjustment lever clockwise until tight.

Lastly, check that your adjustments are still correct. If not, you can repeat the process. In case the lower and upper cutting blades are parallel, you need to check the gap of the blades with the clipper in the closed position.

What do I mean by mentioning the gap of the blades?

The gap is the distance between the tip of the upper blade to the tip of the lower blade. Especially, this gap is approximately as thick as a business card. If the lower blade and upper cutting blade are not parallel where the gap is not right, you need to adjust the lower blade.

How to clean the blade before oiling

With no doubt, you can show love to your clipper through proper maintenance and care. After completion of every haircut, you need to lightly brush the hair off the clipper blades. Some magnetic motor clippers are very sensitive to hair buildup as well as not enough oil.

Therefore, you need to be mindful of these two things. In addition, you should get out of all the excess hair that may have accumulated inside of the blades. You should use a toothbrush as well as a clipper brush that is supplied with the clipper. By doing this way, the hair clipper can become nice and clean.

What is the purpose of the cool care?

After brushing the hair off from between the blades, you can turn the clipper on. At this moment, you can use the cool care that I told you before. I highly recommend using this item to sanitize and disinfect.

Then, you can turn the clipper off and wipe the excess onto the towel. For extended use, you can use this cool care to lightly lubricate your clipper throughout the cut. Finally, you can oil your clipper by using the oiling system.

What are the steps for proper oiling?

In order to start oiling, first of all, you need to turn on your clipper to evenly distribute the oil. Then, you can tilt it to the side and place about three drops across the teeth of the blades. In particular, I advise putting at the center and two corners of the moving blades.

Besides, do not forget to have one drop at each rear corner of the moving blade. Finally, you just need to let it run for a couple of seconds since the oil will wiggle its way. You can let the excess oil run off onto the towel.

On the other hand, you can turn the machine off and wipe the excess oil anywhere around the blade area by using the sanitary tissue. Too much oil is as bad as not enough because too much oil will attract dust and dirt. Therefore, wiping any excess oil can increase the durability of the blade and create good haircut.

How often should we oil the blade?

Thanks to the oiling, you can ensure that your clipper can work at peak performance. Oiling also prevents the blades from getting too hot. Thus, I recommend that you should oil the blades on a regular basis so that the blades can last longer.

What are some other tips that you may not know?

Last but not least, I am going to show you some other helpful tips that will make you amazed. Firstly, you can coil the cord and wrap with a loose tie. You need to prevent wrapping the cord around your clipper as this will cause premature wear.

Moreover, you can handle your clipper by the tab and store with the blade facing towards the floor when not in use. To protect the blade during storage, you can use the clipper comb attachment or blade guard if available.

In case you want to know more clearly why we need to oil the blade frequently, you can watch this video below for more information:


In summary, I wish that all of my sharing related to hair clipper oil will definitely gain your ultimate knowledge about this aspect. However, in case you are in need of more guidance and instructions, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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