The Best Way to Clean Your Hair Clippers

The majority of us has owned the hair clippers for ourselves whatever we use them for cutting the hair, a fast line, or other purposes. Importantly, keeping the hair clippers a clean way is always necessary if you want your clippers to become more sharpened and have a good appearance. Aside from that, the maintenance and cleaning in a right way will help you use the hair clippers a longer period of time and save in investing a new one.

How to Clean the Hair Clippers Properly

Step #1 – Remove the blades

Remove the blades

You need to find and remove all screws that are used for attaching to the clippers. In general, on the majority of the models, near the blade of the hair clippers are two screws. After removing the screws, you continue to remove the blades. Any pieces holding the blades must be detached.

  • In case it is difficult to pop the bottom blade an easy manner, you can utilize the tweezers so as to pull it out of the base.
  • Don’t forget to remember the order of the pieces and how to put them back the position.

Step #2 – Take the hair and debris out of your clippers

By using a toothbrush, wire brush, or steel wool, you are able to eliminate any leftover hair or debris in the blades. Like that, cleaning the device will become easier and simpler. At once, sharpening them is also evenly without a mess.

Step #3 – Remove & wash the rust on the surface of the blade

If you recognize any rust on the blade surface, you may utilize the blade cleaning product to eliminate it in case brushing cannot remove them. Basically, in a small bowl, you will use for soaking the blades for few of minutes, unless you can also dip a cloth or cotton ball in there and scrub on the surface of the blade. The built-up rust will be removed.

wash the rust on the surface of the blade
  • According to reporting of few people, isopropyl alcohol has the ability to remove the rust. However, you need to find a strong kind ~ 90% of alcohol solution because the weak kind will not be able to work well.

Step #4 –Dry the blades

How to Dry the blades

Using a clean cloth not only helps dry the surface of the blades but also can eliminate the dust as well as the debris. You still see some of the rust spots, don’t you? Well, let’s utilize the solution of cleaning blade again.

  • You will have to replace a new blade if scrubbing is useless in removing the rust.

Step #5 –Check the blades

The way to check the blades of hair clippers

You make sure the hair clippers that are cleaned, don’t you? So, you are able to reassemble your hair clippers after turning on them for a couple of minutes in order to ensure their combination perfectly. Then, let’s try them on your hair.

  •  If you want to have the best result for your hair clippers, adding a couple of drops of oil before checking is necessary. As a whole, we always recommend this for each second or third session.

It can say that cleaning the hair clippers are not difficult. Through the above steps, it is certain that those who own this tool can maintain them an easy way. If possible, it recommends that everyone ought to do this after each of using. As mentioned, the maintenance will help you use the hair clipper longer, especially, using them for the next times will also get the optimal result as before. You can also save a little your budget. So great!

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