How to Make Sure the Power of Your Hair Clipper When Traveling – Simple As That

Traveling is a common demand of most people today. Frequently, everyone has the need that carries the electrical devices when traveling, in particular, the hair clippers.

Correspondingly, it is important that travelers need to remember to ensure the power of their hair clipper because each of countries has the different power types. Go on reading to know a detailed way!

1. Ensuring the Power of Your Hair Clipper When Traveling

Equip the Adapters and Converters

You should know that each of the countries will have the different-supplied power. Basically, there is not based on any international standard. Once you recognize this one, you can save your budget, time, and worries.

Buying an adapter or a converter is not too difficult. You can easily find at the local electricity store as long as you know the specific plugs of your destination place.

Learning about Electricity Glossary

To be able to use the accurate power at your defined destination, you also need to know some fundamental electrical terminology. Look at here!

Adapter plug set

Adapter plug – It contributes to varying the prongs on the plug of your device into a fit configuration of the power outlet. Remember that this is not an electrical convertibility.

Nonetheless, an adapter plug can be utilized with the transformers, multi-voltage devices, or voltage converters. Frequently, there have the labels related to the types of the plug or the country on the adapter plug item.

Tip – Basically, when pulling the power wire out of the outlet, we often tend to leave the adapter plug rearwards. This is wrong. It recommends that you should use a dedicated model of the adapter plug for a corresponding device. Let’s tape it onto the plug, instead of leaving it rearwards.

Ac Adapter

AC adapter – This is an AC-converting box with black color. Generally, the electrical devices always come with this adapter. No one leaves home without carrying it.

AC – It is known as alternating current. It can say that AC is the most common type when mentioning to the power supply.

DC – This is direct current. Exactly, it is a required type of power supply, along with the electronic device. Each of the devices is composed of the output information, which tells you how to run it.

Essentially, people only use DC as a replacement of AC adapter. However, this replacement must be based the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Electric devices – These devices often utilize the heating parts or operate based on the mechanical motors, hair dryers, shavers, beard trimmers, for example. You do not find the compatibility between the voltage rating of your device and the power supply at the destination country yours, do you? At that time, you likely use a converter or transformer with a suitable capacity for a short time ~ two hours.

Electronic devices – The circuits, chips, or electronic motors are the main operation mechanism of these devices such as hair clippers, computers, or radios. In case the voltage rating and power supply are not compatible, you can only utilize a transformer for a short time ~ three hours.

Power & Outlet

Frequency – It is the alternation speed of the electric current, which is expressed in cycles / second (Hertz). As mentioned, the AC power supply of each of the countries is different. The United State and Canada are 60Hz while the majority of other countries is 50Hz.

You should also know that both the transformers and converters do not have the ability to adjust the frequency. If desired, you can look for the state-of-the-art portable devices that may accommodate an array of frequencies.

Grounded – We are saying to the types of the plug and power outlet. It is known that a grounded plug often includes three prongs. On the contrary, an ungrounded one is only with two prongs. Because the majority of the portable devices is ungrounded, you likely utilize a grounded plug coming with it.

Socket Type

Outlet – It is known as a power socket. Similarly, each of the countries has the plug-in configuration is different.

In this case, an adapter plug is necessary. Typically, the countries in the similar area will share the same plug type.

Socket – Exactly, it is the connecting point for a light.

Transformer – This is a long-term used device with electronic equipment. Using transformers helps you decrease the capacity and vice versa. With the North American single-voltage device, its power is from 110V to 125V.

The countries having a power supply ~ 230V require equipping a step-down transformer. Keep in mind, the wattage rating of your device must be smaller than the rating of a transformer when plugging in.

Fundamentally, when traveling in your country, a transformer is not as necessary as an AC adapter as long as it can meet most electronic appliance. On the other hands, a transformer is to spend for those travelers relocating to other countries.

High Voltage

Voltage – Your destination country will have the different voltage rating. Before looking for a correct power supply at the destination country yours, you ought to consult the types of the outlet and power.

  • In North America, the power supply is approximately 115V while the majority of other countries is about 220V -240V.
  • With the electronic devices like the hair clippers, their rated input is going to be multi, single, or dual.
  • The devices along with a single voltage input often require having a transformer/ converter and an adapter plug. The purpose is to utilize for the case of the incompatible power supply. The multi or dual voltage input only needs to have an adapter plug.

2. Which International Travel Adapter or Power Adapter Do I Need?

Note: With a dual-voltage appliance, you can be easy to convert the voltage input like the manual.

Wattage – It is the consumed energy of the appliance. This is the common rating of the devices. It shows that you need to equip a transformer or converter. The devices with the low-power level will only need a convert with low wattage and otherwise.


If you have intended to travel, it believes that this information is useful for you. Once you recognize the power supply of each of the countries, you will not worry about using or burning your devices.

Remember that you must know the outlet as well as the power source before you find to buy the adapter, converter, or transformer. Of course, apart from the hair clipper, you can apply these ones for other electric or electronic devices. Happy traveling enjoy!!!

3. Travel Power Adapters how to choose?

Travel Power Adapters
Electricity Converters
Converter or Transformer

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