What More You Need to Know about Hair Clippers


The hair clipper is considered as one of few successful revolutions of the electronic devices. With the benefits this model brings, people start learning about it more and more. Yes, we talk about how to utilize or choose the best hair clipper in the previous articles so much. Today, we also continue mentioning to hair clipper, but there are other aspects. Do you want to know? Let’s go on reading…

Learning about Hair Clippers – That Being Said…

The First Hair Clipper Was Invented – When?

The hand-held hair clipper is the first model, which had released in the 19th century. But, nowadays, people utilize clippers for other purposes, trimming beard or mustache, for example. The product quickly grasps the psychology of the consumers, so it has released the cordless models that help your groom become easier. Right now, we will see the important stages that contribute to making the name of the hair clippers.

The First Hair Clipper


Stage #1 - The hair clipper’s own father

This is Nikola Bizumic. He was born in a rural area in Serbia. Though he found a work in the Fruska Mountains soon, he was quickly discouraged with it. Accordingly, he decided to move to the city of Ruma.

This was a fateful decision. He got work as an assistant of a barber – Petar Jovanovic. And then, Nikola began to learn how to have the haircut. In the 19th century, he invented the first hair clipper. This is considered as the revolution in the barbering industry.

Stage #2 – Who created a well-known brand of hair clippers – Leo J. Wahl

When Leo Wahl was a secondary-school student, he had the creative ideas related to the electromagnetic motor. Then, Wahl continued improving his idea up the higher level. Finally, utilizing what he studied, Wahl had released a hand-held massager for his own uncle. His design was quickly attractive the barbers after appearing on the market.

Stage #3 – The first electric hair clipper

In 1898, the Spanish-American War broke out, so Wahl’s uncle must leave. Wahl started taking over the business that his uncle left. Throughout this time, he didn’t still stop to experiment on the electric model of the clipper. In 1921, Wahl had perfected his invention. At the same time, he had also founded the Wahl Clipper Company. From there, the first electric hair clipper was widely known.

Stage #4 – Continuously improve

To reach a perfect result, Wahl didn’t constantly cooperate with countless barbers from place to place. He died in 1957, but what he left was valuable. The later generations still run the company until now.

Stage #5 – The first blade-adjustable electric hair clipper

Yes, we are saying to Sidney Horstman – a British engineer. In 1923, he founded a motorcar corporation, but it only ran within 6 years. In 1929, the company closed. In the next years, particularly, in the 1940s, Horstman had released the first electric hair clipper with the adjustable blade. Thanks to this feature, the barbers were easy to get the different length of the hair. Unfortunately, in the 1960s, the Horstman Company didn’t business the hair clipper.

Using Scissors vs Clippers – What Differences?

Scissors vs Clippers


#1 - The length

Scissors – They help you easily control the length of longer haircuts. Frequently, scissors are suitable for the hair-long type from 2-3 inches.

Clippers – People often use the clippers for short cuts, along with the specific length. The use purpose is to get a neat haircut.

#2 - The texture

Scissors – They allow you to reach the highly-textured hair. At once, using scissors when cutting the hair also contributes to creating a stylized look.

Clippers – Those who desire to have a traditional look can prioritize to utilize the clipper. The length likely sets, so the hair clippers seem more dominant than scissors because you are easy to get the desired texture.

#3 - The purpose

Scissors – A haircut cut by scissors often needs a high maintenance. It requires the aesthetic, which is high. Furthermore, you must spend more time to maintain the style.

Clippers – Inevitably, you will not need to maintain too much if chosen to cut the hair with the clippers. However, it still makes sure the aesthetic despite not much.

#4 - The style

Scissors – The barbers use scissors to cut the front stylized portion.

Clippers – This is the best option for maintaining the uniform length.

The Last Words

Do you recognize that this information is interesting? Simply, we only want you to understand about the hair clippers more than. Obviously, to be able to get a hair clipper you are using today, there is a process. Aside from that, using a clipper also needs to learn. Through that, you can know scissors or clippers – when should you use them?

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