Professional Clippers vs. Home-Use Clippers – All That You Need to Know

Maintaining your haircut is necessary. At the same time, you need a tool, which can support you to do that. Yes, the most common one is a hair clippers.

Frequently, people will prioritize to choose the professional clippers or home-use model. Both are the special features. So, in what way can you choose one of two – professional clippers vs. home-use clippers? Look at here!!!

Professional Clipper vs. Home-Use Clipper – Which Option is Suitable for You?


It is probably that the price is the leading consideration when choosing to use a clipper. In general, the professional clippers have the higher price in comparison with the home-use models.

This one is due to many different aspects. For example, the pro models allow the users to utilize the heavy and strong tasks if compared to the home designs.


There are two main types whatever you choose to use the pro hair clipper or the home-use one, in particular, corded and cordless.

1) Corded

Both the professional and home-use clippers provide the length of the cord ~ 8ft. Therefore, moving during the cutting process is not too difficult.

They operate based on the pivot motor, so it is very powerful. It is noticed that they are not noise. It does not make you irate whether you are sensitive the noisy.

2) Cordless

Due to using the Li-ion battery, the professional clippers provide the use time for 10 hours while the Lithium-ion technology of the home-use products only provides 2 hours to run. But, the charging time of the home-use clippers is shorter. Generally, it just takes 10 minutes.


Both come with a variety of accessories, including, the guide combs, additional blades, or case. For the more expensive models, you likely get the cleaning oil, hair clips, scissors,…

Depending on your selection, expensive a bit, you can own plenty of accessories related whether what your option is – professional or home use. It is okay!

Maintenance & Warranty

Don’t have the complicated requirement to maintain the clippers. Some models only need to wash them after using. Nonetheless, the best is to oil twice a month in order to make sure your clipper operate well.

Averagely, each of the hair clippers has the warranty from 2 years or more, depending on the chosen model.

The Representative Products

1) The home-use clippers

Oster Fast Feed 76023-510 Pivot Motor Clipper

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510


  • Have equipped the pivot motor
  • Provide a variety of the accessories such as the guide combs, blade guard, blade-cleaning oil, and cleaning brush
  • Work well whatever your hair is dry or wet
  • Powerful
  • The adjustable blade (000 and 1)
  • The length of the cord is 8ft
  • Don’t require the complex maintenance
  • The price is affordable
  • The construction with premium should be solid


  • If you use it for shaving, it will not actually work effectively
  • It is quickly hot


According to the appreciation from the consumers, the Oster Fast Feed 76023-510 Clipper has the certain drawbacks, but it can also deny the benefits that it brings. The product is ideal for utilizing at home.

With the pivot motor, this clipper offers the powerful operation during the cutting process. Importantly, it does not create a lot of noise. If you have the little kids that scare the loud, it seems suitable.

The Oster Fast Feed model still helps you to avoid the worry about the complications related to the cord although its length is approximately 8ft. At once, this length is long enough for you to move when cutting.

The housing is made from premium, so it is not easy to break down. The maintenance is not complicated. The blade enables you to adjust comfortably. But, the price is cheap.

All in all, using this hair clipper at home is not bad. All those features and this price are okay if you do not desire something anymore.

2) The professional clippers

Oster 606 Pro Pivot Motor Clipper

OVERSEAS USE ONLY Oster ProPower Adjustable 606 Clipper


  • Have owned the pivot motor without loud
  • Be able to apply for both dry and wet
  • Come with 4 guide combs, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil
  • Easy to handle
  • The adjustable blade is based on the professional salon demands
  • Powerful when running
  • Comfortable though you use for a long time
  • The housing is solid


  • No case on the plug
  • The blade is quickly dull
  • Expensive


Look at the features of the Oster 606 Pro Pivot Motor Clipper, they are not different from the Oster Fast Feed. Perhaps, due to being the same brand, both have the similar motor – pivot. It works in a quiet way.

Apart from, own a solid housing and provide some certain attachments to meet the basic need of the consumers. The Oster 606 is also powerful when using, especially, it brings the comfort if had to use for an extended period of time. This feature seems to meet the demand of the barbers.

Don’t distinguish the dry or wet hair. All can easily apply. 000 and 1 all that you can adjust a blade. Nonetheless, the feature made this clipper become different from the Oster Fast Feed is the design. How is the difference?

As its name, the model is to use for the professional purpose. Correspondingly, the adjusting blade as long as it is suitable for the salon needs. The longer use time does not still make you uncomfortable. So good!!!

Final Thoughts

Have you determined what hair clipper you need? Is there a pro or home-use clipper? Let’s carefully consider before deciding.

One is cheap, but it is easy to use. Another is expensive, but it can meet the complicated needs. You take the price or the features into consideration. In fact, the professional clippers vs. home-use clippers has the similar features.

The only thing makes them different – one used at home and another spent for the professional condition. Professional or home-use? It believes that you will be able to find the answer soon. Good luck!!!

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