How to Take Good Care of Your Cordless Hair Clipper’s Battery


These days, people are more and more familiar with using the cordless hair clippers every morning. The reason is very simple since they are useful and suitable for everyone’s daily life. And of course, all of them need batteries to operate. Thankfully, we are not stuck with the old way of buying them, using them one time and going to the store to buy more. The rechargeable batteries that are tightly integrated into many modern electronic gizmos are perfect. However, they do have a limited number of discharge cycles, so taking good care of them is a must. As a result, I am going to introduce you some incredible tips, and then you can make full use of the rechargeable battery for sure.

How to Make Good Use of Your Cordless Hair Clipper’s Battery

As you may know, most of your devices with integrated batteries will use lithium-ion batteries. First of all, we need to mention the conventional wisdom about the memory effect. There is a tendency of older batteries to forget their total capacity if you completely discharge them from time to time.

However, this case is so outdated and deep discharge cycles are actually terrible for your lithium-ion batteries. It can cause them to stop working out right. The good news is that your cordless hair clipper has the mechanism to prevent them from occurring during normal use.

For instance, your cordless hair clipper may turn off while it still seems to have some life in it. As long as you do not go out of your way to circumvent these safeties, you do not need to worry about this. On the other hand, what do you need to consider when your cordless hair clipper will not be used for a while?

1. Avoid the extreme heat

Prior to storage, your lithium-ion batteries should be at about half capacity. And then, they should be kept in a cool place while you are not using them. The basement is a good bet if you have one. Otherwise, some folks recommend the fridge but do not think that the colder is always better.

Make sure that you do not store the battery in the freezer. Extreme cold can affect your battery’s health, just like extreme heat can. Furthermore, the higher temperature can lead to faster discharges. As a consequence, it will result in worse immediate performance and reduce the overall lifespan of your battery.

But, since you cannot spend your life in the fridge. Thus, a lot of times higher than the optimal temperature simply cannot be avoided. Hence, you need to ensure all of your ventilation holes are unobstructed. Also, you should avoid the sunlight and other unnecessarily toasty environments.

I have to say that the biggest concern for the battery is heat. The higher the heat is generated, the higher chances of the battery life to be declining. Thus, you should not charge the battery in a very hot area such as a closed room.

​In addition, in case you are not in a hurry, I highly advise that you should avoid the fast charge. The advantage is that it charges very quickly within an hour. However, what I have noticed is your battery life is going to last shorter.

2. Do not charge the battery all the time

Another related issue is assuming that you are going to preserve your precious discharge cycles by leaving your clipper plugged in all the time. There may be safeties that prevent explosive overcharging. But having your battery sit and trickle charge will increase the temperature.

Besides, it does not help the battery to stay in shape. Therefore, you can shallow the discharges and then recharges, which is good for the battery.

3. Fully charge for the first time

On top of that, you need to know that the initial charge is very important for your cordless hair clipper. As a result, you need to charge it 100 percent. The time for the full charge will be based on the brand of your cordless hair clipper.

Thus, you should read the instructions carefully before starting the charging process. In addition, you should worry if you cannot use your clipper long after the initial purchase. For every new gadget, the battery life will not be that great. It will take a couple of cycles for the battery to get prime. After that, you start getting decent battery life.

4. Prevent the battery from getting drained

One mistake that I have noticed that many people do is that they try to drain the battery completely. It is really bad for the battery. Thus, if you can, make sure that you do not allow the battery to fall below 20 percent. This will be the best option that I need to recommend.

Last but not least, for anyone who is interested in making a nice fade haircut with the cordless hair clipper, you can watch this video below for more information:


All of my sharing is the best practices to get the most out of your cordless hair clipper’s battery. By following these tips, they can really help bending rules and make your life a bit easier. You do not need to use a wireless charger from time to time which causes the battery to run hotter. And of course, I hope that you will definitely find this article useful and beneficial. However, in case you are in need of any additional advice and guidance, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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