FQAs Related to a Hair Clipper You Need to Know

Not all people using a hair clipper know about it. Someone does not actually use their clipper in a right way. Others maintain the hair clipper in a wrong way. There are the problems of the majority of the users. What about you? What is your problem? What do you wonder? Look at here! They are what you are looking for…

Are the Good Hair Clippers That Are Better the Rest?

The ability to cut the wet and dry hair – In comparison with the normal hair clipper, the good models may allow you to cut the hair effectively whatever there is dry or wet.

The variety of hair textures – With the quality products, it is not difficult to get the different textures of the hair. You can easily get the desired haircut – thick, fine, or thin, depending on your needs.

Attachments – If possible, we will want to buy a clipper coming with many attachments. Like that, you likely cut with a variety of the lengths. You ought to prioritize to select the model including at least 10 comb attachments.

The motor is quiet – The majority of the hair clipper is loud when operating. If you or your children are sensitive to the noise, the quiet clipper when running is necessary. Frequently, there are only the good models that have been equipped this feature.

The battery can recharge – This one brings the flexibility, especially when you are traveling.

What Types of Hair Clippers?

There are two major types when saying to the hair clippers, in particular,

The manual hair clipper

It born in the 19th century. The manual hair clippers involve two blades. As their name, to operate, it is based on the users’ hand in order to cut.

The electrical hair clipper

Yes, their operation relies on the electricity. The main material of the blades is titanium, stainless steel, or ceramic. Correspondingly, the use time is longer. At present, not only the barbers but the users at home also prioritize to choose it for their cutting demands.

How Can I Cut My Own Hair, by Using Hair Clippers?

Using Hair Clippers

To be able to cut the desired haircut by utilizing a hair clipper, you can follow these steps:

#1. Equip a hair clipper coming with the different guide combs. Why? Because you can easily control when cutting. Apart from, they help you avoid damaging to your scalp. Use the short guide combs if you want a short haircut and vice versa.

#2. Wash your hair before starting to cut. When your hair is clean, cutting will become easier. Use a cloth to dry the hair.

#3. Apply the right guide comb with your desired haircut. To avoid damaging yourself, ensure that you assembled the guide comb properly.

#4. After turning on the clipper, you begin moving it from the forehead to the rear of the head. Continue repeating this process until you complete to cut the hair on the top.

#5. Against the lower-tip sideburns, hold your hair clipper evenly. By that way, you can cut the hair on two sides. When reaching the point of the crown curve on your head, you can stop to move the clipper upward.

#6. Remember that you must always move the clipper opposite the direction of the hair growth. Similarly, start cutting the back hair. When reaching the desired curve, stop.

#7. With the excessive hair, be able to utilize the scissors. In case a couple of the spots have been missed, use your clipper one more.

#8. Take a shower to remove the whole left hair.

Why Should I Buy My Own Hair Clipper?

Buy Hair Clipper

In fact, there are 3 reasons why you need to have a hair clipper, including,

Reason #1 – Save money

Your hair quickly grows, so you often go to the barber shops. Yes, the price of the haircut is not cheap.

Instead, you must pay for countless times for a nice haircut. You just need to buy a hair clipper, but you can use anytime you’d like to. Don’t have to go to the hair salons. You can still get a nice haircut at home.

Reason #2 – Save time

When you do not have to go to the barber shops frequently, it means that you can save your time.

You are used to sitting many hours to wait for your turn though you just need to cut a simple type, aren’t you? Well, this one will never occur if you equip a hair clipper at home. If desired, you can cut whenever.

Reason #3 – This is an interesting thing

Don’t think that a clipper can only cut the simple haircuts. No! No! You can reach more.

You likely look for the favorite hair types that you want to reach. And then, learn about how to cut. This is an interesting one.

After cutting, you may enjoy your own haircut. It is not bad, right?


Actually, there are many problems related to the hair clipper. But, we cannot answer all. Basically, these questions only spend for the novices, who are the first use of the hair clipper. I was used to being a beginner with a myriad of worries. Should I buy this or that? What is the best one? Why?...Therefore, it hopes that anyone wants to own the hair clipper, but confused. This article can help you.

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