How to Maintain Your Hair Clippers: Sharpening the Hair Clippers

Most of today’s technologically improved hair clippers are designed with an auto-sharpening feature. In other words, as the hair clipper is used and oiled, the clipper is able to sharpen itself. As with most tools, even this auto feature has a limit to which it can function. Overtime one begins to notice that the cuts are becoming more uneven and may sometimes tug on the hair. To get it back to its optimum cutting efficiently, it would have to be sharpened. Here is how to go about it…

Clean the Clippers

Maintain Hair Clippers

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The first thing to do would be to get rid of all the dirt and hairs that could be logged between the blades. In most clippers, there are two blades; a bigger and outer blade which is stationary and a smaller and inner blade which is movable. To begin, you would have to unscrew the blades. The two screws are usually located near the blade. Separate both blades but remember to take note of how they fit; just in case you forget during reassembling.

With this done, hair particles are exposed and easy to clean out. Use the cleaning brush to remove hair stuck in between blade or a wire brush if hair particles seem stubborn. If you notice rust on the blades, you would have to use a blade wash to get rid of it. You can do this by either dropping the blades into a small container with the wash or using a cotton wool soaked in the wash to clean it out. Ideally, the wash should contain alcohol which also acts as a disinfectant. When this is done, get a clean towel and dry the blades. If you still notice dirt and hairs, try cleaning again but if there is still rust, you may have to replace the blades altogether.

Sharpen the Hair Clipper

For this you would need a sharpening stone or what is also referred to as whetstones. Usually these can be purchased at any home improvement store. The stone would have about 4000 grit surface. Place the blade on it and move it forward about 10 times at an angle of 30 to 45°. After this is done, check to see if the edges are even or shiny. Do same for the other edge.

Reassemble the Hair Clipper

After successfully sharpening the blades and ensuring that both are even and smoothly honed, you would have to reassemble the blade back into position. Place the blades exactly as they were before you separated them. Remember you were expected to take note of how it was so you do not forget. When placed in the proper position, screw the blades tightly at the same point they were unscrewed. Ensure the screw holds them tightly in place to avoid loosening when using the hair clipper.

Apply Lubrication Oil

When you are done with reassembling the blades back onto the clipper, apply the clipper oil. This is done to prevent wear and tear of the newly sharpened blades and also to prevent overheating. To do this effectively, just add few drops to the blades. You should continue applying the clipper oil after every two to three operations.

Switch on the Hair Clipper

After lubrication, the next stage is to get the clipper working. Just turn on the clipper and allow running for a couple of minutes before switching it off. This will allow for further honing of the blades and for better rubbing of the blades. If you have where to try in on, you should notice that the blades are a whole lot sharper than they were. If no noticeable difference, it means you did not do these processes correctly. You may have to repeat the process or take it to someone with more experience in sharpening of hair clipper blades.

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