How to Sharpen Your Hair Clipper the Best Ever

Even though some hair clippers have equipped an auto-sharpening to help keep the sharpness of the blade, cleaning, and oiling in a regular way will make it wear out quickly. Based on the guidelines in this article, you can find how to sharpen your hair clipper properly.

By What Means Can You Sharpen Your Hair Clipper Efficiently?

Clean Your Hair Clipper

Clean Your Hair Clipper

1. Detach the blade


The blades are attached to the rest parts of the hair clipper by the screws, so you need to unscrew these screws. In general, the majority of clippers is composed of two screws at the blade base.

Removed the screws, then gently remove the blades and any sections that are holding them. In case it does not easily pop out the bottom blade, you should utilize the tweezers in order to pull it out of there.

Don’t forget to remember the order of the parts you detached. Like that, reassembling will become easier.

2. Take hair and debris out

Clean Blade

You will easily utilize your hair clipper if you clean, sharpen, and do not let it become messy. By using a steel wool, toothbrush, or wire brush, you may remove the hair, which gets stuck in the blades an easy way.

3. Remove rust

Remove rust for Hair Clipper

Unfortunately, the blades still have the visible rust whether you try removing them by brushing. So, let’s utilize blade wash unless you can use a blade cleaning product  so as to eliminate them.

Pour the blade cleaning substance in a small bowl and then soak the blades into there. Scrub the blades to break the built-up rust down with a cotton ball dipped in it.

A couple of persons have succeeded with isopropyl alcohol though you likely need to use a strong solution that gets 90 percent of alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol seems weaker.

4. Dry the blade

Dry blade

Use a clean cloth to dry two sides of the blades and get rid of the leftover particles of debris and dust. Do you still see rust on the surface of the blade? Well, utilize the blade cleaning product again.

In spite of scrubbing many times, you cannot completely remove the rust. So, it forces you to have to replace a new blade.

5. Test the blade

Your hair clipper can use after cleaning, especially if it has the support of the auto-sharpening feature. Reassemble the detached parts and then turn it on for several minutes to scrape off the imperfections. Start trying on your hair. If the result is still dull, you should perform the next section – sharpening

*Note: It recommends that you ought to apply some drops of oil before you test to achieve the best result.

Sharpen Your Hair Clipper

1. Pick up the blade

To do that, you need to utilize a magnet holder. The magnetic holder has a slit and you will place the blade in it. Extend the edge of the blade past the edge of the magnet. Basically, this is the easiest way in order to sharpen the blade that you do not have to drop the blade or cut yourself. It would be best to choose a strong, flat magnet. Sharpen the blades slowly and avoid letting the blade fall off the magnet because it has the ability to nick you.

2. Use a coarse honing stone

Sharpen Hair Clipper

Run the needed-to-sharpen blades along the honing stone – the sharpening stones or whetstones. You can get them at the hardware stores. Use a 4000-grit surface and make the angle of the blade ~ 30 – 400. Move the blade slowly forward on the surface of the stone ~ 5 – 10 times until even and shiny.

Utilize the dry towel to wipe away the metal powder. Similarly, repeat these actions for the rest edge of the blade. In case you are utilizing a ceramic blade, you must use a diamond-sharpening stone. It is necessary to consider the label to avoid confusing the sharpening stones with the ceramic material with the stones used to sharpen the ceramic blade.

3. Continue using a fine honing stone

Though your blade has looked even, it is still necessary to make it become sharper and finer. Correspondingly, you should utilize an 8000-grit honing stone. Of course, also move the two sides of the blade on the surface of the stone from 5-10 times. Use a dry cloth to wipe the dust out of the blade.

4. Reassemble your hair clipper

Ensure that the blades are reassembled in the precise order. Then, tighten the screw.

5. Apply the hair clipper oil

After the blades have been sharpened, necessary to apply the hair clipper oil. On the surface of the blade, add a couple drops of oil. Like that, be able to avoid overheating. At once, the friction of the blade will be reduced. If you do not want to clog the blades, it should use a light oil, instead, the heavy, dark oil. Let’s consider and consult the idea of the barber to give a right decision.

6. Run the hair clipper for several minutes

Turn on the clipper so that the blades are rubbed together for several minutes. In this way, the blades will be honed further. It is okay! Now, your hair clipper is ready to utilize on hair.


If the blades are not to rust, applying these guidelines will bring a nice result. Take a little your time, but it can make your trimmer operate better. It is noticed that you will not have to buy a new blade, in case it can still use. Your hair clipper has become sharper, hasn’t it? It is certain that you now know how to sharpen your hair clipper after reading our article, right?

Let’s leave the comment below if you have any related question. We will answer the soonest.

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